Hamshire-Fannett Dual-Credit Students Visit Galveston College

Hamshire-Fannett dual-credit students visit campus

Some 65 dual-credit students from Hamshire-Fannett High School were on campus Friday, Sept. 7, to meet with faculty and staff and tour the college.

The day began with a pep rally, complete with the Whitecaps Wave, and group photo hosted by the Offices of Admissions, Student Activities and Public Affairs.

Students met with faculty members Dr. Shane Wallace and Shelly Downes, Dr. Larry Blomstedt, Theron Waddell, Jesse Warren, Elizabeth Tapp and Janene Davison and then toured the campus.

“It was a great success,” said Vice President of Instruction Dr. Cissy Matthews, who organized the visit. “We ended their visit with pizza, cookies and one more session of the Whitecaps Wave. I even asked facilities to turn on the disco ball in the ceiling. They loved it. Today was one of those great days when I can’t believe I get paid to have this much fun!”