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Why do I need my transcript if I already have a degree?

This is a standard requirement by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for those students enrolled in courses for college credit.

Will courses transfer?

Most college level courses will transfer; however, final determination for degree application will be made by the college to which the student transfers.

Can I get credit for classes that I took somewhere else?

This will be determined by transcript evaluation by the Admissions Office.

Do I need TSI?

Students must satisfy the TSI before enrolling in college level courses unless otherwise exempt or waived.

How do I get TSI waived or exempted?

TSI is waived if the student is enrolled in a certificate program that is 42 semester hours or less. Student is exempt if:

  1. 3 college hours were completed prior to the Fall of 1989,
  2. student has earned a Bachelor (or higher) Degree, or
  3. student has reached a designated level on the ACT, SAT, or TAKS test within a designated time period.
Do I need the placement test and why do I need to take developmental classes?

The placement test is required of those programs that are TSI waived and for placement into Math, Reading and Writing classes if these areas were not passed on TSI assessment.

How does a student achieve advanced placement and credit by exam?

A limited number of credits may be earned via Advanced Placement or credit by exam. Check with a Counselor for specific courses.

If I took classes a long time ago, are they still good credits?

Yes, unless otherwise stated in the Galveston College catalog. If a 13-month break is taken from GC, requirements in the current catalog must be followed.

Explain Fresh Start; what is it?

An applicant for admission may petition for non-consideration of academic course credits/grades earned 10+ years prior to starting date of the semester in which the applicant seeks to enroll.

Fresh Start; can I keep some of my earlier good classes?

No. All classes falling in the Fresh Start time frame are lost.

Can I attend GC if I'm working on my GED (can I get Financial Aid if I'm let in)?

If you are in the process of completing the last two exams, you can attend GC with the approval of the Vice President of Student Services. Students are not eligible for Financial Aid until they pass the GED.

Can I switch classes?

Yes, during the “drop/add” dates stated in the course schedule.

Can I get extra testing time?

See the Counselor for Special Services to see if you qualify.

Disability questions, ADA -where do I go?

The Counselor for Special Services in the Counseling Center.

Do you have housing/dorms?

On campus housing is provided only for the student athletes.

I only want to take an Art/PE class; do I have to get my transcripts/testing, etc?

Yes, unless otherwise waived because of age exemption (55 and older).

Can I get credit for past work experience?

Not at the present time.

How do I know if I need ESL?

If English is not your primary language and you score below 4 in Reading and/or English on the Placement Test, you need to take these classes.

How do I know if I need English classes?

If you score below 4 in Reading and/or English on the Placement Test, you need to take these classes.

Does anybody speak Spanish at Galveston College?

Yes, including staff members in the Counseling, Admissions, and Financial Aid offices.

Can I substitute a course?

Yes, with the approval of the Dean and Vice President of Instruction. The form for doing this is available in the Counseling Center.

Can I take a Continuing Education class as a credit class?

For many workforce classes there is a credit equivalent, you must meet the requirement for credit courses to register.

How is my Grade Point Average calculated?

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of class hours attempted.

How do I contact an instructor?

Review the course syllabus or contact the respective instructor through the College operator.

Will courses transfer to another college or university?

Contact the Counseling Center or the school to which the student is transferring for specific information.

How long is a semester?

Usually 16 weeks during the Fall and Spring and 6 weeks during each summer term.

What is the difference between credit and non-credit semester hours?

Credit hours are those which apply toward academic credit and apply toward a degree. Non-credit classes are neither and are usually offered through Community Education.

How do I determine credit hours?

The second number in the course number determines the number of credit hours received for a course. This is normally equal to the number of hours a course meets per week Courses involving laboratory time typically meet additional hours.

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