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Title V, “Modern Strategies for Student Success”

October 1, 2012, Galveston College began Year 1 of a five year project entitled, Modern Strategies for Student Success. It is a $3.1 million project funded by the US Department of Education designed to increase the percent of Galveston College Hispanic students (and all students) who earn a degree or certificate. It does so by:

  • Enhancing instructional strategies in seven Developmental Education and seven high-risk Gateway courses through the use of media-assisted instruction (see http://gctechnology.weebly.com) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) strategies;
  • Redesigning the seven basic Developmental Education courses to provide opportunities for accelerated progress;
  • Adding or modernizing learning labs for Developmental Education and Gateway courses to support more effective teaching strategies;
  • Providing student Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders;
  • Updating classrooms with SMART equipment and “class-capture” technology;
  • Combining these strategies with improved advising and tracking focusing on Developmental Education students and Hispanic students and supporting these reforms with “immersion training” for faculty.

In addition, the project will overhaul the current technological infrastructure campus-wide in order to relieve “gridlock” and ensure that administrators, staff, and faculty have access to a broad range of technology for effective teaching and decision making.

For more information about Galveston College Title V Project contact Project Director, Anne Dickens at 409-944-1430 or adickens@gc.edu

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