Campus Security & Safety

Galveston College Campus Security and Safety

The Campus Security Department is responsible for security and emergency response at Galveston College. The office is located in the Mary Moody Northen building, Room 105, and is staffed by trained, professional security officers.  Security phones are monitored 24 hours a day.   We welcome all questions, suggestions and reports of activities that do not appear to be safe or conducive to a positive learning experience.

Reporting Criminal Actions or Emergencies

Emergencies: Dial 9+911 for the Galveston Police Department.

On-campus crime or emergency: 409-944-1361 or dial Ext. 361 from on-campus phones.

To request an escort: 409-996-1361 or dial Ext. 361 from on-campus phones.

Possession of Weapons

(updated 02/24/2016)

Galveston College prohibits all employees and students from possessing weapons, concealed or otherwise, except law enforcement personnel who are authorized to carry a weapon. A person commits an offense if the person knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly possesses a firearm, illegal knife, or any prohibited weapon listed in FLBF Local, on the College campuses or any grounds or buildings in which an activity is sponsored. This includes all College vehicles. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action including termination of employment and criminal prosecution. A firearm or ammunition that is stored or transported in a locked, privately owned or leased vehicle, by a person who holds the license to carry a concealed handgun and who lawfully possesses the firearm or ammunition, does not constitute a violation of this policy.

If you see anyone with a firearm on Galveston College campus, dial 911 immediately.

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