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Campus Update from President Myles Shelton

During the rapidly changing circumstances of the last several weeks, our country, state, and community took actions that were designed to protect us from COVID-19. And it was no different at Galveston College as we worked to create the opportunities for teaching and learning to continue while also working to keep you safe during this pandemic. Not that long ago, all classes at Galveston College moved online for the remainder of the spring semester. And now, as we approach the end of the spring semester and as we look forward to the summer and fall semesters, it is time for us to consider and make decisions about our next steps as we seek to continue to confront COVID-19 and to work to make sure that teaching and learning continue at Galveston College in the safest way possible.


However, before we talk about next steps, I first want to commend you, our students, our faculty, and our staff for your flexibility, your adaptability, and your perseverance this semester. I want you to know that I am proud of our faculty and staff as they have continued to work to help you, our students, succeed. And to our students, I am especially proud of you as you have continued in your studies and as you have committed yourselves to completing your programs of study even in the face of the hurdles and curves that you have encountered as a result of COVID-19. I commend your strength and your courage.   #GCStrong


Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with state and local directives, and out of our continuing concern for you, our students, faculty, and staff, we announce the following decisions for all May mini-semester and summer classes (credit and Continuing Education classes).


All May mini-semester and summer classes (both credit and noncredit) will be delivered online, with the exception of certain technical courses and programs that require hands-on instruction that cannot be delivered online, but can be delivered face to face in accordance with CDC guidelines. Examples include shop, laboratory, and/or clinical segments of courses and programs in health science, nursing, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and other applied technology areas.


Registration for summer and fall classes will continue online through May. Then, one week prior to the beginning of the first summer session, limited in person admissions, financial aid, and registration services will be available on campus. Other academic and student support services will continue to be available online.


For the early part of the summer and continuing through July 31, employees where possible will continue to work remotely. For those individuals who must come to campus and/or work from campus, the College will allow flexible schedules and/or shifts, as approved by the immediate supervisor and the vice president responsible for that area of the College.


Beginning on Monday, May 18, as we begin to reopen the campus for students who need to complete clinicals and laboratory assignments in technical programs or technical courses, we will be working to comply with all appropriate CDC guidelines as well as the directives of state and local officials. All individuals entering campus facilities are expected to use a facial mask or face covering, as appropriate. (See FAQs for additional information concerning facial masks or face coverings.) In addition, as students, faculty, staff, and visitors enter the facilities, there will be screening stations to check for signs of COVID-19. Once inside campus facilities, faculty, staff, students, and visitors are expected to maintain an appropriate social distance as well as to continue to use facial masks or face coverings, as appropriate and in accordance with CDC guidelines.


Although we are looking forward to August, the fall semester, and a return to the normal operations of the College, we know that the COVID-19 situation is continuing to evolve and change on almost a daily basis. Consequently, we must plan for classes as scheduled in the fall and for normal operations while at the same time planning for the hurdles and curves that COVID-19 might still throw at us.


As we begin the process of reopening the campus and before I close this letter, let me again say how proud I am of each of you. And, although this is just the first stage in the reopening process, I know the Galveston College family is strong and up to the challenges of these uncertain times. I know our faculty and staff are continuing to help you, our students, succeed. And I am confident that you, our students, will continue to be strong and courageous as you work to continue your studies.   #GCStrong




Dr. W. Myles Shelton


Galveston College