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Galveston College Continuing Education

About Continuing Education

At Galveston College Continuing Education, we are committed to offering quality learning within professional development, leisure learning, industrial, medical and hospitality careers, youth enrichment, and online leaning. We are located in Suite M-140 in Moody Hall.

Our Staff Includes:
Rebecca Stout, Ed.D., Director of Continuing Education
JoeAnn Nicholas,M.A., Customer Account Executive
Resa Jones, Administrative Assistant

Striving To Meet The Needs Of Our Community

It is the mission of Galveston College to drive the economy of Galveston forward by helping companies, organizations, and individuals invest in our most valuable regional asset – our people. We are committed to offering you quality learning. We offer courses in professional development, leisure learning, industrial, medical and hospitality careers, youth enrichment, and online learning. In addition, we are happy to provide any customized training you may desire.

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Continuing Education registration continues throughout the semester until classes are filled. Please register at least one week prior to class start date. Tuition and fees must be paid upon registration. Call 409-944-1344 for assistance or more information. Students must complete registration five business days prior to a course starting.

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Physical Application

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General Information

Senior Discounts

Classes listed with a “*” are eligible for a 50% senior discount, for those over the age of 65 and who live in district. This discount is applied upon registration.

Books and Supplies

Books and supplies are typically not included in the course tuition, if they are included it will be listed in the course description.

Cancellations, Room Changes and Rescheduling

Courses with low enrollment prior to a start date are cancelled prior to the start date. Students will be notified by phone or email when a class they are enrolled in has been cancelled, however we are sometimes unable to reach everyone. A refund of 100% is automatically processed upon cancellation of classes. To help avoid cancellations please register at least a week prior to a course start date, and encourage your friends to register with you. Occasionally, cancelled courses are rescheduled for a later start date, and you will be notified by phone when this opportunity presents itself. In the event of class room change notice of the room change will be posted on the Continuing Education doors, and the classroom that was originally posted.

Refund Policy

Refunds prior to the start of class will be 100%. Refund requests should be made in person, or by phone to 409-944-1344. Refund requests must be received during normal business hours and at least one business day prior to the start date of the class. When a class is canceled you will automatically be refunded the full course amount. There are no refunds given after a course has begun. There are no refunds for online courses through 3rd party vendors.

Age Requirements

The majority of our courses serve adult learners, although some are specifically targeted at youth, and seniors. Adults 18 years and older who have officially withdrawn from high school may enroll in CE courses. Some courses require students to be of a minimum age. High school students are permitted to enroll under concurrent enrollment agreements and approval from public school officials. Seniors are classified as anyone 65 & over the age of 65. Children enrolled in Kids college courses must be enrolled by a custodial parent and must complete additional paperwork in the CE offices.


Continuing education courses are graded as pass/fail, with a passing grade being an average grade of over 70% of given coursework. Students missing more than 15% of course time will not pass. These classes may not audited.

Record of Completion and CEU’s

Nationally recognized CEU’s may be awarded on certain approved occupation-related courses. One CEU is awarded for every 10 contact hours. All courses will be given a certificate of completion. It is up to the individual student to see if these courses are eligible for CEU’s.


Students may obtain a Galveston College parking permit free of charge from Media Services on the first floor of Moody Hall. All automobiles on campus must display a valid parking permit on the outside lower left corner of the rear window. Permits for convertibles, pickups with a temporary camper, and vehicles with a rear window sun shield may be displayed on the left rear bumper. Failure to display a parking permit as described above constitutes a parking violation. Contract training and visitors may request a temporary parking permit in the Continuing Education Offices. Cars that do not display a valid parking permit will be ticketed and/or towed.

Where to Park

All students with a valid parking permit may park in all lots and spaces not specifically designated for others. If you are visiting the campus, or do not have a parking permit you must park in the visitors’ lot at the corner of Avenue Q and 39th Street. Unpermitted cars parked in the Moody lot will be ticketed.

Student ID Cards – Visitors

Enrolled students are required to possess a valid student ID Card. These may be obtained in Media Services, once you have your payment receipt. Visitors to campus and those who are only here for a short contract training class, must display a visitor name tag on their persons. These are available in the CE offices or from your Instructor.

Whitecaps Email

Galveston College provides students with a free student e-mail account! Activate your Whitecaps email account once you have been registered by logging on to our website. This account will enable you to register online for future classes, and is our primary means of communication with you. For help, please consult the student handbook, or visit the media services center.

How to get your email and login to the portal:

Logging into the Whitecaps Portal

Username: Your Student ID number as listed (EX: GC0123546)
Password: Your date of birth in MMDDYY (EX: 082911)

For issues logging in, contact 409-944-1352

Smoke Free Campus

Galveston College is a smoke free campus. Smoking (including E-Cigs) is strictly prohibited in all buildings on the campus grounds including the parking areas.

Classroom Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in the classroom and /or laboratory in a manner that is conducive to good academic progress. Failure to comply with the lawful direction of a faculty member, teaching assistant or instructor may be a disruption for all students enrolled in the class. Disruptive conduct is considered a serious offense. Faculty members reserve the right to remove a student from a class for just cause. Students removed may be referred to the VP of student services for disciplinary action.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use is strictly prohibited during any and all class/lab sessions. If an emergency, please step outside to avoid disruption.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), was established to protect the privacy rights of all students. The ACT specifies the types of student information, which can be released to the public without the student’s expressed consent and specifies the persons and agencies that may receive other information, which according to FERPA, a college may release to the public without a student’s permission and is referred to as “Directory information”. The information included in the FERPA definition of directory information includes: name, address, telephone, date and place of birth, degree(s) earned and date, major and field of academic study, academic classification, dates of attendance, number of semester hours in progress and attained to date, previous high school and college attended and weight and height of members of athletic teams. Students may request that Galveston College withhold their directory information from the general public. To do so, Students must fill out the appropriate form with the admissions office.

Rooms Symbols and Buildings

These symbols are used in the class schedules each semester. An explanation is as follows:

  • M-222 means Moody Hall, Room 222.
  • N-240 means Mary Moody Northern Building, Room 240.
  • R-300 means Regents Hall, Room 300.
  • FA-207 means Fine Arts Building, Room 207.
  • H-100 means Hermes Fitness Center, Room 100.
  • AT-300 means Charlie Thomas Family Applied Technology Center, Room 300.
Schedule Codes

M – Monday

T – Tuesday

W – Wednesday

R – Thursday

F – Friday

ARR – Arranged

LAB – Laboratory

HOSP – Hospital/Clinical

INTERNET – Internet Based

TBA– To be announced

Directions to GC Main Campus

4015 Avenue Q Traveling south on I-45… Take 61st Street exit and turn right at stop light. Travel approximately one mile to Seawall Blvd. Turn left on to Seawall. Proceed down Seawall to 39th Street. (Gaido’s Restaurant is at corner of 39th and Seawall). Turn left on 39th and travel north to Avenue Q. Turn left at 39th and Avenue Q and proceed one block to Main Campus. Main Campus parking is available on Avenue Q, Avenue R and Satellite Parking at 39th and Avenue Q.

Directions to Charlie Thomas Family Applied Technology Center

7626 Broadway Traveling south on I-45… Take Exit 1B toward 71st St. Merge onto frontage road/Broadway St. and travel approximately five blocks to the first stop sign. At the stop sign, turn left onto 71st St. take the first left onto frontage road/Broadway St. and continue on the frontage road for approximately five blocks to the Applied Technology Center campus.

Directions to Applied Technology Center from Main Campus

Travel west on Avenue Q toward 45th St. Turn right at 45th St. and proceed to the stop light on Broadway. Turn left onto Broadway and travel approximately one mile. Continue onto I-45 North to Exit 1C. Take Exit 1C and merge onto the frontage road/Broadway St. The Applied Technology Center will be on the right.

Disclaimer Statement

It is the policy of Galveston College to provide equal opportunities without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, genetic information or veteran status. Galveston College coordinates compliance activities for Title IX/Sex Equity and Section 504/ADA-Disability through the Office of the Vice President of Student Services, 4015 Avenue Q, Galveston, TX 77550, (409) 944-1341. The lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to enrollment. Any course or section may be cancelled if the enrollment is insufficient or if a qualified instructor is unavailable. You may submit schedule changes due to class cancellations in the counseling/ advising office any time during regular office hours the first week of classes. Galveston College complies with the federal reporting standards in regard to criminal activity, and more information can be found at https://gc.edu/security/index.htm. Clery Act Information concerning registered sex offenders can be accessed from the Texas DPS Web site at http:// records.txdps.state.tx.us/soSearch.


Galveston College prohibits all employees and students from possessing weapons, concealed or otherwise, except law enforcement personnel who are authorized to carry a weapon. A person commits an offense if the person knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly possesses a firearm, illegal knife, or any prohibited weapon listed in FLBF Local, on the College campuses or any grounds or buildings in which an activity is sponsored. This includes all College vehicles. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action including termination of employment and criminal prosecution. A firearm or ammunition that is stored or transported in a locked, privately owned or leased vehicle, by a person who holds the license to carry a concealed handgun and who lawfully possesses the firearm or ammunition, does not constitute a violation of this policy. FLBF Local, GFA Local.

Awarding Credit for Prior Learning and for Continuing Education

Prior Learning Assessment Process

Galveston College supports the concept that learning can and does occur outside the traditional college classroom. In today’s world, many students acquire substantial education through experience, continuing education, military experiences, and other non-traditional avenues of learning. The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process for assessing learning gained outside a traditional academic environment. The following guidelines pertain to all awarded credit regardless of the PLA process used (credit by exam, experience, CE, etc.)

• A maximum of 24 semester hours of credit may be earned by PLA and applied towards the degree.
• A student must have enrolled and completed at least 6 semester hours of non-developmental courses at GC before the PLA credit will be posted to their permanent record.
• Students may not establish credit by examination for any course which has been previously attempted at Galveston College or another college. A class will be considered attempted once the class has met census date and therefore the class is on the student’s official transcript.
• Credit established through any PLA process becomes part of the student’s record.

• Students who are awarded credit by any PLA process will receive a grade of a “CR” on their transcript. o The semester credit hours will apply toward graduation requirements, but are not calculated in the grade point average.


Credit for Continuing Education Courses

Galveston College may award college credit for continuing education courses only when there is documentation that the continuing education coursework is equivalent to a designated credit course. Awarding credit for continuing education courses work involves at least three considerations:

• The educational quality of the course for which the student desires credit.
• The comparability of the nature and content of the continuing education course with the curriculum course for which credit is desired.
• Demonstration of competencies/learning outcomes by the student, either as part of the course or subsequent to it.

Continuing education coursework that was completed over two years ago will be awarded for credit only if all the required documentation is available. The College is not required to keep detailed class records beyond two years. Students wishing to receive credit for continuing education courses are encouraged to complete the paperwork as soon as possible following the completion of the class.

Students wishing to receive credit for continuing education courses should complete the following steps:

1. Contact the Continuing Education Office to obtain the Prior Learning Assessment form.
2. Submit all documentation with completed application to the Director of Continuing Education for review. This should include documentation of the CE courses completed and an unofficial transcript documentation at least 6 credit hours of non-developmental courses taking at GC.
3. Student must pay the required $25 CE to Credit fee for each course. Fees can be paid in the Business Office.
4. The application along with payment receipt will be forwarded to the Dean of Technical & Professional Education. If the application for CE to Credit pertains to an academic course then the application will be forwarded the appropriate Division Director.
5. The Dean or Division Director will review the application to ensure all requirements have been met before approving the form.
6. Approved applications will be submitted to the Admissions Office so that the classes can be posted with a grade of “CR” on the student’s permanent record.

Credit by Examination

The following credit by examination programs are recognized by Galveston College:

• College Level Examination Program (CLEP) from College Board
• Advanced Placement (AP) from College Board
• International Baccalaureate (IB)
• Departmental Created Course Challenge by Examination.

Students wishing to acquire credit via CLEP, AP and IB exams should visit with a counselor or advisor for more information. The following are the procedures for acquiring credit by Departmental Created Course Challenge by Examination.

Credit by Course Challenge by Examination

Faculty are responsible for selecting which courses can be challenged by exams. Students who elect to challenge a course by examination for credit in occupational-technical or specific academic courses should contact the Program Director or Coordinator in that area to receive approval first. Once the faculty has agreed that this is an acceptable class to be challenged by examination, students are to complete the following steps:

1. Obtain a Prior Learning Assessment Form from a counselor/advisor.
2. Pay the required fee for the examination at the Business Office. Students are required to pay the current in-district tuition rate (no fees) per credit hour earned by exam.
3. Submit the Course Challenge by Examination Form to the appropriate Dean or Division Director.
4. Allow the Dean’s/Division Director’s Office to contact the student to schedule the examination.

Course Challenge Examinations will be prepared by the appropriate Program Coordinator/ Director’s office. Scoring and grade determination procedures will be reviewed by the Division Director. The Dean or Division Director will forward successful examination results to the Office of Admission and results will be recorded with the grade of a “CR” on the transcript.

Evaluated Credit – Evaluation of Credentials
Students may earn credit by an evaluation of various credentials, including but not limited to the following:

• Formal military training (credit for military experience and training will be awarded based on military credentials and recommendations from the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services as published by the American Council on Education).
• State or national board exams/certifications (LVN, RN, Law Enforcement, etc.)
• Non-traditional transcripts (hospital-based schools, cosmetology, etc.)

Students wishing to earn credit for military training should contact the admissions office. The process varies based upon what courses the student wants to earn credit for. Student wishing to earn credit for their state or nationally recognized credentials should first contact the Program Director or Coordinator. Credit will only be awarded for current credentials. Expired certificates or licenses will not be accepted.

Articulated Credit

Some students may be eligible to receive credit based upon coursework they completed in high school for schools that have articulation agreements with Galveston College. (Currently this only includes GISD). In order to receive articulated credit the student must:

1. Meet all GC admissions requirements and be officially enrolled to be eligible for credit via articulation.
2. Have graduated from high school before articulated credit can be granted.
3. Have an official high school transcript on file with GC Admissions Office.
4. Initiate a degree plan at the time of enrollment and must major in the area of articulation in order to receive credit.
5. Have successfully completed the high school courses and received a grade of 80% or higher in order for credit to be awarded.

The Program Director will be responsible for evaluating the official high school transcript and recommending articulated credit based on the stated conditions in the applicable articulation agreement. This recommendation is approved by the Dean of Technical and Professional Education and forwarded to the Admissions Office for implementation.