Massage Therapy

Are you looking for a career where you can help others feel better by relieving their pain and stress? If so, Galveston College’s Massage Therapy program may be right for you. This comprehensive program provides the education, skills and hands-on practical experience you need to pursue this rewarding career. 

This three semester program features classroom instruction, hands-on training and client service internships. To help you transition from student to practitioner, you will complete an internship in which you work directly with clients to provide massages.

Semester 1, 2 and 3
 Semester 1    Semester 2  
MSSG 1009 Health and Hygiene MSSG 2011 Fundamentals 2
MSSG 1011 Fundamentals 1 MSSG 1013 A&P for Massage
MSSG 2013 Kinesiology MSSG 1005 Therapeutic Modalities/Hydro
MSSG 2014 Pathology for Massage MSSG 1007 Business Practices & Ethics
MSSG 1012 Reflexology/Chair Massage    


 Semester 3  
MSSG 2086 Internship June

Upon successful completion of our program you should be ready to take the National Massage Therapist Exam, to become licensed and to practice in the state of Texas. This program meets the requirements of individuals planning to take the MBLEX exam and State Jurisprudence Examination for state licensing put forth by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and presents material in business practices and ethics, anatomy and physiology, health and hygiene, chair massage, pathology, hydrotherapy, kinesiology, history of massage, body mechanics, massage techniques and rehabilitative aspects of massage. Additionally, students will have a practice internship on proper massage protocol for various populations.

This program runs over three semesters and combines classroom lecture with a “hands-on” skills laboratory setting, including internship. Students who successfully complete the course should be prepared to take the (TDLR) exam for licensure as a massage therapist in the State of Texas

Admission to the Program

For admission to the Massage Therapy Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age with a High School diploma or GED
  • Be physically, emotionally, mentally and financially able to complete the program
  • Hold a valid BLS/CPR card.
  • Complete the healthcare requirements and background check, and upload your documents to the verification site. (details on our website)
  • Complete the HIPAA Training  and upload it to the verification site
  • Register for fall classes
  • Furnish a current photo ID (valid Texas driver license or State ID card

Additional supplies such as a massage table, sheets, towels, textbooks, massage oils and linens must be purchased separately. Students are required to have these prior to internship.  Registration with Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) is an additional cost, and student should plan on taking the MBLEX prior to starting internship hours.   Students must meet the healthcare program requirements listed on our website at least 1 week prior to class starting.  This includes a criminal background check, as well as immunizations.  Please be advised that depending on your record, a criminal conviction may prevent you from licensure by the State of Texas for this program. If you have a question about your background and licensure, please speak with the program coordinator. You also have the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter from the applicable licensing agency.