Galveston College Foundation Logo

Fall brings changes to Galveston College Foundation logo

Fall brings changes. With the start of a new academic year, the Galveston College Foundation is sporting a new look.

“After more years than anyone can remember, the Galveston College Foundation has a new logo that is indicative of what we are: A beacon of light for the future of our students on Galveston Island,” said Jeri Kinnear, Galveston College Foundation board chair.

In 2018, Galveston College modernized the college’s logo as part of its public relations and marketing program. It was the first change to the logo in more than 35 years. The college refreshed the logo with bright orange and royal blue colors and also updated the font style.

“The college logo represents the high-quality learning experience students have here on the island,” said Carol Langston, director of Public Affairs at Galveston College.

The influence of a logo is important.

“A logo is undoubtedly one of the single most important elements of a college’s marketing and communications program. It’s an integral part of a college’s brand, perhaps the most impactful means of recognition that is used in all types of materials, from billboards and brochures to apparel and commercials,” said Langston.

The foundation logo builds off that aesthetic.

“It’s important to have college and foundation logos that are complementary to each other so that our brand stays strong and recognizable,” Langston said. “We are excited that the foundation board of directors has selected the jetty lighthouse image, as well as the college’s official royal blue color and a warm yellow from the college’s secondary color palette, as part of the new foundation logo design.”

The new foundation logo shows beams of light radiating from the lighthouse, and seabirds have been added to emphasize the island community the Galveston College Foundation serves.

The design by Galveston College’s own creative services manager, Sandi Smith, shows an “emphasis of the foundation’s commitment to the students at Galveston College while maintaining our commitment to its legacy,” said Carol Hodges, Galveston College Foundation board secretary.