Final exams are May 7-13 at Galveston College

The countdown is on! Spring 2020 semester final exams are set for May 7-13 at Galveston College.

Final exams will be conducted online; however, students in some technical and professional program areas may have to return to campus to complete coursework or testing due to national accreditation standards or program requirements.

Students and instructors in these specific programs are finalizing details to conclude these programs successfully. The college will begin to reopen the campus on Monday, May 18, on a limited basis for students who need to complete clinical training and laboratory assignments. All Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols will be followed.

All individuals entering campus facilities are expected to use a facial mask or face covering. In addition, as students, faculty, staff and visitors enter the buildings, there will be screening stations to check for signs of COVID-19.

Once inside campus facilities, faculty, staff, students and visitors are expected to maintain an appropriate social distance, as well as to continue to use facial masks or face coverings, as appropriate and in accordance with CDC guidelines.

All May mini-semester and summer credit and noncredit classes will be delivered online, with the exception of certain technical courses and programs that require hands-on instruction that cannot be delivered online but can be delivered face to face in accordance with CDC guidelines.