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Galveston College announces plans for summer classes

Galveston College President Myles Shelton announced today that all May mini-semester and summer credit and noncredit classes will be delivered online, with the exception of certain technical courses and programs that require hands-on instruction that cannot be delivered online but can be delivered face to face in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Examples of programs that may require hands-on or face-to-face instruction include shop, laboratory and clinical segments of courses and programs in health science, nursing, emergency medical services, law enforcement, welding and other applied technology areas.

“During the rapidly changing circumstances of the last several weeks, our country, state and community took actions that were designed to protect us from COVID-19,” Dr. Shelton said. “It was no different at Galveston College, as we worked to create the opportunities for teaching and learning to continue while also working to keep students, faculty, staff and the community safe during this pandemic.”

On March 23, all classes at Galveston College moved online for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. Academic and student support services, such as the library, tutoring, counseling and advising, admissions, registration and financial aid, also are offered online, by telephone and by email.

“I want to commend our students, faculty and staff for their flexibility, adaptability and perseverance this semester,” Dr. Shelton said. “I am especially proud of our students, as they have continued in their studies and have committed to completing their programs of study even in the face of the hurdles and curves that they have encountered as a result of COVID-19. I commend their strength and their courage.”

The college will begin to reopen the campus on May 18 on a limited basis for students who need to complete clinical training and laboratory assignments in technical programs or technical courses.

“We will be working to comply with all appropriate CDC guidelines, as well as the directives of state and local officials,” Dr. Shelton said.

All individuals entering campus facilities are expected to use a facial mask or face covering. In addition, as students, faculty, staff and visitors enter the buildings, there will be screening stations to check for signs of COVID-19.

Once inside campus facilities, faculty, staff, students and visitors are expected to maintain an appropriate social distance, as well as to continue to use facial masks or face coverings, as appropriate and in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Registration for summer and fall classes will continue online throughout the summer. In order to plan coursework for the summer and fall, current and new students should contact the Counseling and Advising Center at

On June 1, limited in-person admissions, financial aid and registration services will be available on campus. Other academic and student support services will continue to be available online. Faculty and staff, where possible, will continue to work remotely until July 31.

“Although we are looking forward to August, the fall semester, and a return to the normal operations of the college, we know that the COVID-19 situation is continuing to evolve and change on almost a daily basis,” Dr. Shelton said.

For Dr. Shelton’s complete update to the campus community, please visit the Galveston College website at