2021 Dual-Credit Graduation Celebration

Galveston College celebrates dual-credit graduates

Galveston College celebrated its seven dual-credit graduates from Ball High School who received their associate degrees during the college’s virtual commencement on May 14 with a drive-through graduation ceremony at Galveston College on May 24.

This is a record number of dual-credit graduates in one semester at Galveston College.

The Galveston College dual-credit graduates will graduate from Ball High School on Wednesday, June 2, with their high school diplomas.

Galveston College Student Government Association President Maia Adolphs, a dual-credit senior at BHS, and Priscilla Culver, dual-credit student success advisor, recently met with Galveston Independent School District Superintendent Jerry Gibson and the BHS graduation team, and BHS Principal Joseph Pillar and school district personnel have approved recognition of the dual-credit graduates with associate degree cords at the BHS graduation ceremony on Wednesday.

Congratulations to the 2021 dual-credit graduates:

Maia Z. Adolphs
Kelsey A. Barillas
Lily Benavidez
Isabella Corrales
Gabriella Lopez
Kayla E. Olguin
Abigayle Pruns

For photos of all of the dual-credit graduates and the celebration, please click here.