2017 General Assembly Historical Marker_Regents

Galveston College Concludes 50th Anniversary Celebrations with Acknowledgements to the Past and Future

Board of Regents, President Shelton, and Vice Presidents Cissy Mathews, Ron Crumedy, and Gaynelle Hayes pose in front of the historical marker, which now stands in front of Moody Hall

On Friday, Galveston College concluded its 50th Anniversary celebration with a nod to both the past and the future.  A historical marker from the Texas Historical Commission is now dedicated to Moody Hall, which was once the St. Mary’s Orphanage before becoming the hub of activity for registration and financial aid it is today.  President Myles Shelton recognized the relevance of the past by stating, “It’s important that we recognize those who had the vision of what Galveston College is today.”




Dedication of the Time Capsule, buried in the courtyard in front of Regents Hall

Officials put the final stamp on the 50th Anniversary celebration by burying a time capsule at Regents Hall courtyard, to be opened at Galveston College’s 100th year anniversary in 2067.  College spokesman Joe Huff placed several items in the capsule, including photos, a Whitecaps baseball jersey, pennants, and community reports.