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Employee Classification & Compensation

The function of a compensation philosophy is to establish a system of remuneration that supports the College’s mission and goals of its Strategic Plan. The Objective of the System is to maintain an externally competitive relationship in similar educational markets within the financial capability of the College, reward teaching excellence and recognize longevity with the institution.

Faculty Plan
Salary Schedules – Faculty
Non Faculty Plan
Salary Schedules – Non Faculty
Classification Plan
Part Time Wage Scale

Board of Regents Guidelines

  • The Compensation Plan shall employ a clear and consistent method of determining annual employee compensation, which defines specific rather than random placement within salary ranges based upon years of experience and level of education.
  • Maintain salary ranges driven by competitive minimum (base) salaries.
  • Establish bench-mark targets for competitiveness of: An average faculty salary that would rank Galveston College in the top 25% of public two-year colleges in Texas, salaries for administrative staff at or above state averages for comparable positions, salaries for classified staff at or above Gulf Coast Consortium averages for comparable positions.