About the Library

Telishia “Tee” Mickens, MLS

Director of Library and Learning Resource Center


Gracie Otin



Amanda Newell

Library Technical Assistant


Thema Jones

Assistant Librarian

Circulation Desk

Library Instruction

The library offers Library Instruction (LI) sessions that are designed to acquaint students in the use of library resources needed for coursework and research, and to help them develop information literacy skills. LI sessions are taught in the library and classrooms, to provide an introduction to locating and using library materials, online database demonstrations, and an explanation of the library’s system of organizing material. Individual and course-specific sessions are also available upon request. LI sessions may be scheduled by calling the library at 409-944-1240 or by e-mailing a request to gclibrary@gc.edu. Please include your name and telephone number along with the date and time of the requested instruction.

Online Instruction

The David Glenn Hunt Memorial Library provides a number of research tools online for student, faculty and staff to access on demand from work or from home. The linked tutorials are composed of video demonstrations and quick tip guides to provide instruction on how to access and utilize the library’s resources.

Library Policies and Procedures

The David Glenn Hunt Library provides education-related materials to students, faculty members, and staff. We also strive to provide resources for members of the Galveston community. Please note procedures for students and non-students.


Currently Enrolled Students


GC students, faculty and staff will need GALVESTON COLLEGE ID card with a current sticker to check out materials, non-student patrons who are residents of Galveston County will need a photo ID with the current address in order to check out materials.


Circulating materials may be checked out for two weeks. There is a limit of 5 non-reference items that can be checked out at one time. Non-circulating materials that cannot be checked out include reference items (marked REF), periodical or journals, newspapers, videos, microfilm, CDs, DVDs and reserves.

Remember to check the date card in the pocket, the last date stamped is the date the item is due. Items returned after that date are subject to fine, patrons will not be able to checkout any items until overdue materials are returned to the library.

All periodical or journals are shelved in one area, all reference items are shelved in one area, and all circulating books in one area. If you need assistance in locating a book or a periodical, please ask at the Circulation Desk. Access to the book catalog is also available from off campus.


There are two categories of videotapes and DVDs: circulating and reserve. Circulating videotapes and DVDs can be checked out for one week with the option for renewal. Reserve items are stored behind Circulation Desk, and cannot be checked out, but can be viewed in the library. Viewing equipment is available for use within the library.


Patrons may renew materials in person, by phone (409-944-1240) if the books are not overdue, by email (gclibrary@gc.edu), or online from the Book Catalog) page. There is a button on the library web page that says Renew Books Here.  Click on the button, and on the renewal page enter student ID No., i.e. GC023456 for User ID, and the same ID No. for password. There is no limit on the number of times the book may be renewed as long as it is not requested by other patrons. Renewals may be denied if the patron has overdue items or outstanding fines. In addition, items may not be renewed past the last due date at the end of the semester.


Books should be returned to Galveston College Library in person, or in the book drop outside the library or by mail to the address provided on the library home page.


EOS (Electronic Online System) sends out overdue notices to email addresses provided by the patrons, in addition, returned notices are mailed to patrons when they cannot be reached by email. Patrons are responsible for notifying the library of address change.


The library staff will phone and/or email a patron when a book has been requested and placed on hold by another patron. Therefore the book is expected to be returned on the due date.


Fines are $0.05 per day per book.


Books may be considered lost after two years from the due date. The Library will charge for the cost of the book(s), any overdue charges, plus $5.00 processing fee per lost book.


Patrons will be unable to check out additional materials until fines and lost books are paid.

The Library will accept only cash payment. Checks for fines should be made out to Galveston College at the business office (M-222B) 409-944-1362. Credit card payments are also accepted by Business Office.


Non-Galveston College Patrons

Any person not enrolled as a Galveston College student is considered a non-Galveston College patron.
In order to check out books, a non-Galveston College patron must be over 16 years of age, a resident within the boundaries of the Galveston College Tax District, and have a valid photo ID card. Non-Galveston College patrons follow the same procedures as Galveston students except that they are limited to three items for check out.

Copyright Statement

The Galveston College Learning Resource Center (LRC) strongly supports intellectual property rights, and U.S. and international copyright laws. Digital technology makes violating copyright extremely easy. The equipment provided by the LRC is intended to be used in accordance with those laws to support the academic achievement of students and to enrich the learning environment. This includes, but is not limited to, photocopies, scanning, computers and video equipment. Students, faculty, staff and LRC patrons should read and understand the copyright warnings posted in the College’s Copyright and Fair Use Value Statement.