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Psychology Department

Degree Plan

The Behavioral Sciences are considered a part of the larger group of Social Sciences. The Social Sciences study the processes relevant to how social systems are influenced by individual and group activity. The Behavioral Sciences focus on the actions, reactions and interactions occurring among individuals in social environments. As Behavioral Scientists we use scientific observation and experimentation to study human and animal behavior, especially behavior related to decision making and communications within families, groups, social networks, societies and cultures. At Galveston College the Behavioral Science Department includes courses and degrees in Psychology and Sociology.

What is Role of Psychology Major?

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processing. Within the degree programs in Psychology at Galveston College, we discuss emotions, problem solving, intelligence, memory, functions of the brain, child development, sexual behaviors, social behaviors and more. The goal of our programs is to offer the student a comprehensive examination of psychological research and theory into the reactions and interactions associated with individual and group behavior. Students who graduate from Galveston College with a Degree in Psychology are prepared to continue their education toward a Bachelors Degree in career fields such as Nursing, Education, Psychology, Human Services, Medicine, Child Care and Counseling.

Two-Year Degree

AA      Associate of Arts in Psychology

AS       Associate of Science in Psychology

See the most recent college catalog for specific degree requirements and course descriptions. Additionally, online course options are available for local and distance learning students.


Students may choose to pursue a degree in Psychology at Galveston College. Students who major in Psychology will receive preparation to enable them to further their education at a college or university. In support of this goal, students who wish to major in Psychology are offered 2 degrees plans that provide for the completion of the core curriculum and instruction in the discipline of Psychology. At Galveston College students may select the Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology which is a 60 hour degree that prepares the student for careers in Education, Psychology, Human Services, Child Care and Counseling. In addition, Galveston College offers the Associate of Science Degree in Psychology which is a 60 hour degree that prepares the student for more science oriented careers such as Nursing and Medicine.

Salary ranges for individuals with Psychology degrees begin at about $35, 280 per year depending on education level and career. The highest salaries are earned by individuals who possess a Doctoral Degree. Job prospects are best for those with a Doctoral Degree, while those individuals with a Masters or a Bachelors degree will experience competition for jobs.

Non Majors

The Texas Legislature requires all colleges to adopt a core curriculum. If the student successfully completes the entire core curriculum at Galveston College and then transfers to a Texas public four year college or university, all courses in the Galveston College core curriculum will transfer and the student will receive full academic credit for the course in the core curriculum. At Galveston College all students who graduate with the Associates Degree are required to complete 3 hours of a Social and Behavioral Science as part of the core curriculum. Students at Galveston College will, therefore, have the opportunity to explore the behavioral sciences through a variety of Psychology course options.