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Greetings! Welcome to the Department of Business Administration. Please use this site as your starting point if you are either a business major, interested in becoming a business major, or even if you are not a business major but only taking a business course or two for self-improvement.

Business is the driving force behind the complex, unique and highly industrialized American free enterprise system. It is no exaggeration to say that understanding how the American free enterprise system works is essential if you are going to be a successful participant in it. A degree in Business Administration is often the first step in helping you achieve that success. Our department’s goal is to take that first step with you.

What is the Role of a Business Administration Major?

The Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration provides the foundation for students wanting to transfer to a four year university with the purpose of obtaining a degree in business administration or any of the disciplines associated with it including accounting, economics, marketing, finance, management or international business.


Business Administration career opportunities are almost limitless. The majority of the Chief Executive Officers of the top Fortune 100 Companies, the partners in all of the major accounting firms, the presidents of banks, and at various times throughout its history, the heads of the motion picture studios, all were either business majors, or had studied business administration at some point in their career.

Accounting is often referred to as the language of business. Economists tell us how well the nation is doing. Marketing sells the product. Today business markets are becoming truly global that is international. Even in bad times, the well prepared individual usually does well. This is especially true in business. Galveston College is a good place to start your career preparation.

The Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration is designed for students planning to transfer to a four-year university.

Two-year Degree 

Business Administration: Field of Study – Associate of Science

See the most recent college catalog for specific degree requirements and course descriptions. Additionally, online course options are available for local and distance learning students.


Tutoring is available through the Building Bridges to Success Department along with the Galveston College Learning Center.


Produce graduates who can compete ethically in the diverse global economy. Graduates will be capable of writing clearly and effectively. In addition, graduates will complete a course of study in the core business disciplines of accounting, economics, law, and management.

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