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Welcome to the Education Department home page. This site reviews useful information for those who are interested in becoming teachers and who will be taking courses in the Education Department of Galveston College, whether as majors or as students taking electives.

What is the Role of an Education Major?

Education majors generally study courses that assist them in the teaching of students from kindergarten to high school. Degree plans focus on preparation of the education student from basic sharing of knowledge with students to coping with special populations. Education majors also have the opportunity to do field work in their selected areas of specialization.


According to the Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics, nationwide on average teachers in elementary and secondary schools earned about $44,000 per year in 2001. Mean annual salaries for teachers ranged from $31,847 to $59,615 per year. On average teacher support workers earn have as much as teachers at $22,000. The average administrative salary in the elementary and secondary schools was $66,690 per year in 2001. Teacher support workers include assistants, administrators, school bus drivers and clerical workers.

There are about 3.6 million teachers in elementary and secondary schools nationwide, about 1 million teacher support workers, and about 300,000 administrative workers. In addition, there are close to 3 million workers in other occupations, such as counselors, and school bus drivers. (TED 9/2003).

Two-Year Degree

Students majoring in Education generally begin by taking core courses in English, government, math and science. In their second year of courses, majors take Introduction to Teaching and Introduction to Special Populations. Classes are small with individualized instruction; students are encouraged to learn a myriad of skills in preparation for teaching in addition to the engagement in field work.  Following the completion of course work at Galveston College, students are assisted with finding the best four-year institution for transfer and completion of a four-year degree in Education.

Non Majors

Students not majoring in education are welcome to enroll in available courses as electives.

Department Faculty

Galveston College’s Education Faculty have excellent credentials and practical experience in the field.

Mission Statement

It is the goal of the Education Department at Galveston College to introduce students to aspects of teaching while providing practical experience in the field. Faculty are committed to offering a high-quality program with opportunities for stewardship and excellence.

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