Program Director/Program Coordinator
Name Dr. Shane Wallace
Title Associate Professor of English
Room N-315
Program Area English & Humanities
Phone 409-944-1321
Email swallace@gc.edu
Admin Support Jo Ann Palomo Ext. 317
Student Success Coach/Advisor

Deon Botha

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Your Pathway


Degree Plan

Welcome to the English Department home page. The following information will assist both students planning to pursue a degree in English at Galveston College and those taking English courses for another degree plan.

Course Description

Two Year Degree

Students majoring in English will take two, first-year composition courses that focus on analytical and research techniques, which will help them become more critical readers and more sophisticated writers. Additional classes include Creative Writing, Technical Writing, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, and other literature courses taught during various semesters. Following the completion of course work at Galveston College, students are assisted with finding the best four-year institution for transfer and completion of a four-year degree in English. Possible bachelor’s degrees in English include the following:

Creative Writing
ESL (English as a Second Language)
Language and Linguistics
Professional Writing

See the most recent college catalog for specific degree requirements and course descriptions. Additionally, online course options are available for local and distance learning students.


In keeping with the goals of Galveston College, the English faculty at Galveston College is committed to providing a superior program of instruction for students. The mission includes confirmation that students are able to communicate clearly in  writing, as well as perform basic research functions in preparation for their other academic course work and in preparation for transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Department Faculty

Galveston College’s English Department has specialists in composition as well as literature and creative writing. Faculty are interactive with students as classes offer opportunities for expression and development of both professional and creative material. English faculty present and publish for professional organizations and work to assist students in getting their work published as well.

Course Catalog

David (Shane) Wallace, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of English
Director: NEH Grant “Coastal Culinary”

A.B.J.    University of Georgia
B.A.       Kennesaw State University
M.A.      University of Tennessee
Ph.D.     Louisiana State University

Phone: 409-944-1321
Email: swallace@gc.edu
Office: N-315

Michael Berberich
Instructor of English 

B.A.       University of Notre Dame
M.A.      University of Nevada-Reno

Phone: 409-944-1323
Email: mberberi@gc.edu
Office: N-317


Diane (Shelly) Downes   
Instructor of English

B.A.       Northeastern State University
M.A.      Northeastern State University

Phone: 409-944-1390
Email: ddownes@gc.edu
Office: N-318