Program Director/Program Coordinator
Name Dr. Laimutis Bytautas
Title Associate Professor of Chemistry
Room R-378
Program Area Physical Sciences
Phone 409-944-1330
Admin Support Jo Ann Palomo Ext. 317
Student Success Coach/Advisor

Dr. Geisu Lewis

Ext 220

Your Pathway

Physics Department

Degree Plan

Welcome to Galveston College’s Department of physics. We offer majors and non-majors courses taught by faculty that possess extensive experience in education. We continuously strive to implement modern pedagogies and novel technologies in the courses of our curriculum.

After graduation, many of our students continue their education in any number of four year degree programs, such as chemistry, physics, medicine, Engineering or other professional fields. Physics at GC is an exciting, engaging experience.

What is Role of Physics Major?

The program is designed for students who plan to pursue a degree in Physics at a senior college or university after completing their studies at Galveston College. Upon successful completion of the prescribed courses, the student will be eligible to graduate from Galveston College with an Associate of Science Degree.

Two-Year Degree

Students who choose to pursue an Associate of Science in physics will take the basic core curriculum as well as physics classes. Upon completion of this degree plan, students will be well situated to transfer to most four-year colleges in Texas and elsewhere. Courses offered include:

See the most recent college catalog for specific degree requirements and course descriptions. Additionally, online course options are available for local and distance learning students.

Department Faculty

Daniel Gebreselasie, Ph.D.


The mission of the department of physics is to provide high-quality educational programs for all individuals studying physics at GC. The department of physics offers a comprehensive education in physics, which prepares students for academic and professional careers.