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Name Dr. Larry Blomstedt
Title Associate Professor History
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History & Government
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Email lblomste@gc.edu
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Student Success Coach/Advisor
Name Deon Botha

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Welcome to the Political Science Department home page. This site reviews useful information for those who will be taking courses in the Political Science department of Galveston College, whether as majors or as students taking required or non-required courses.

What is the Role of a Political Science Major?

The purpose of an associate of arts degree in political science is to prepare students for transfer into a bachelor’s degree political science program at a four-year college or university. This program assists students who are planning careers in public administration, social science education, or who are planning to go to law school after earning their bachelor’s degree. Students successfully completing this program will understand the structure, history, and administration of federal and state government, along with some of the mathematical techniques used to analyze the effects of government policies. Course work features classes in government, economics, sociology and other subjects for a total of 60 semester hours.

Two Year Degree

See the most recent college catalog for specific degree requirements and course descriptions. Additionally, online course options are available for local and distance learning students.

Department Faculty

Larry Blomstedt