Instrumentation Technology

 Program Overview

Do you like to install, service and troubleshoot technology on equipment? 

Do you want to work at a plant?
Do you want a high paying position working with high tech equipment? 

Program Director/Program Coordinator
Name Tyree Bearden
Title Electrical and Electronics Instructor/Program Director
Room ATC-207
Program Area
Industrial & Applied Technology
Phone 409-944-1403
Student Success Coach/Advisor
Name Martin Crichlow
Ext 409-944-1401

Your Pathway

Instrumentation Technology

Degree Plan

Machines used across many industries are evolving into complex and intricately connected systems operated by well-trained instrumentation technicians. The Galveston College Instrumentation Technology program trains students to begin entry-level careers in this growing and changing field.

Housed at the Galveston College Charlie Thomas Family Applied Technical Center, the one-semester Instrumentation Technology program utilizes a comprehensive industrial computer control lab where students learn about control system installation, maintenance and trouble shooting.

Course Description

The Instrumentation Program coursework is offered in one, 16-hour semester.

Semester One: Level One Certificate    (Entry Level)

Areas of study include:

  • Intelligent integrated control systems
  • Testing and analyzation of control circuitry
  • Maintenance of instruments and control settings
  • Basic electrical theory
  • Troubleshooting of individual process instruments
  • Implementation of sophisticated control strategies
Level 1 Certificate Program: Entry Level

Instrumentation Program

Level One Certificate

Entry Level

ELPT 1420 Fundamentals of Electricity II 4
INTC 1312 Instrumentation and Safety 3
INCR 1402 Physics of Instrumentation 4
INTC 1307 Instrumentation Test Equipment 3
INCR 1291 Special Topics in Instrumentation 2


Total Semester Credit Hours in Program: 16


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Career Opportunities


Chemical and Manufacturing Plants


Power plants


Oil exploration and production companies


Cross-country Pipeline Companies


Municipal Water Treatment Facilities


Large Buildings or Campuses


Instrumentation Sales

Employment Outlook

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the average hourly salary for instrumentation technicians ranges from $20 to 67.

Instrumentation technicians install, calibrate and troubleshoot individual process instruments as well as complete control systems.




This program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation under grant number 1601442