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Directory Services

Information Technology Services has two directory service offerings. Microsoft’s Active Directory is a centralized and standardized system for Microsoft Windows hosts that automates network management of user data, security, and distributed resources and enables inter-operation with other directories. The enterprise Active Directory is hosted and managed by Information Technology Services.

ITS also provides enterprise GAL (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) services to enable the searching and browsing of directory information in its central information systems. The GAL service is used for authentication by many university information systems as well as for address look ups by some email clients and the online GC Faculty, Staff and Student directories.

GC Active Directory (GC AD)

Joining the GC Active Directory (GC AD) offers several advantages to system administrators and computer users. The GC AD is already integrated with campus infrastructure for DNS and GAL. GCAD provides support for a single sign-on environment with other Active Directory integrated services and improved security at the desktop level. Active Directory can also help system administrators with software distribution and easier control of Windows-based computers via Group Policy Objects. Using Active Directory, you can efficiently manage users, computers, groups, printers, applications, and other directory-enabled objects from one secure, centralized location.

Services Provided:

  • Support for the hardware, security, redundancy, and backup of the domain controller machines that run the GC AD forest
  • Delegated management for OU Administrators
  • Integration with the campus GAL directory service which automatically creates the accounts for faculty, and staff in GC AD
  • Integration with the campus GAL directory service which updates user attributes in the directory
  • Integration with the campus (BIND-based) DNS service
  • Easier computer resource management through Group Policy Objects (GPO), remote software installation (SMS), and the establishment of minimum security requirements.
  • Forum for discussion of Active Directory and Active Directory Security issues through an AD community group
  • Notice of important changes and scheduled maintenance through the AD Community contact list and the ITS Change List.
  • Support for development and distribution of utility and administrative scripts and a knowledge base to help administrators find a quick solution to common problems.
  • Support for user and machine certificates via the GC AD PKI service


  • A single, consistent point of management for users, applications, and devices.
  • Simplified management and use of file and print services making network resources easier to find, configure and use.
  • A central control of authentication information to manage security services for internal desktop users and remote users.
  • A single sign-on to active directory integrated network resources for users.

GC Active Directory (GC AD) account:

  • Active directory accounts will be created automatically. If your account is not present please fill out the form below.

The GAL (Global Address List) has two main uses. First, it can be queried for directory information (phone, email, etc.) for GC faculty, staff and students, either from the GC website or within your email client. It is also used for authentication by university information systems, including logging into Canvas, Webmail and many other central and departmental applications.

Instructions on how to configure your email client can be found by contacting the service desk.

LDAP Authentication

If you would like to set up your departmental application to authenticate users using username and password, please complete a Data Access Request and submit a case.

For more information on connecting to the LDAP or to download new certificates.


Desktop Backup

Desktop Backup

Chances are, you have lots of important files stored on your computer: email, research papers, financial documents, photos and more. Although ITS backs up and protects some files, there is a lot of data on computers that isn’t backed up. If your computer crashed today, what would you lose?

Information Technology Services’ desktop backup service is a simple and worry-free way to protect important files. Backed up data is stored in a secure, remote location for safekeeping, making it easy to restore lost data. In fact, it’s never been easier to keep data safe.

  • Cloud-based – recover your data from anywhere on any device
  • Automatic backups – backups run regularly, without any interruption to the user
  • Multiple devices – set up backups to run on up to three different computers per account
  • Unlimited storage – back up all files, including large audio and video files

Desktop Backup for University Use

Desktop backup licenses are available for purchase by all Galveston College University departments at a low annual cost of $XX.XX per license, billed monthly. To request a license for a college computer, please work with your department IT or budget manager. To place an order, fill out the form below and name Software Licensing.

Desktop Backup for Personal Use

Galveston College students, faculty and staff receive 2GB of free desktop backup storage, plus 20% off their initial order of additional storage for personal devices.

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Data and Reporting Services

Data and Reporting Services

ITS maintains college data that is accessible through GC UI. This application is the primary tool for reporting on HR, Financial, and student information.

Questions regarding data delivered through these systems should be addressed by the respective central offices. For reporting data about students, contact the Registrar’s office. For reporting data about faculty or staff, contact Human Resources. For financial data, contact the Controller’s office and for official college data and statistics, contact GC Institutional Effectiveness Department.

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Conference Calling

Conference Calling

Three-Way Calling

Is similar to Call Transfer, just remain on the line to speak to all callers. At least one caller must be on campus. View PhoneFinder for instructions on your instrument.

Six-Way Calling

Enables you to talk to up to 6 people at once. To have this featured added to your phone line, please complete the form below.
*This applies to Centrex only – for this feature on VoIP please see VoIP Personal Meet-Me Conference below*

Meet-Me Conference

Enables you to conference call with groups of 3 to 30 people. ITS will activate a special line, for you at the time of your conference. When this number is activated, it is open for your conferees to dial and join the conference. To reserve a Meet-Me Conference, please complete the form below and note the following in “Details of Work”:

  • Date of conference
  • Time of conference
  • Number of participants
VoIP Personal Meet-Me Conference

This feature allows up to six callers to join in a conference call. A request form must be placed for the VoIP Personal Meet Me conference feature to be programmed.The request order must include the user name and phone number.

*This service is available only to customers on a VoIP line.

Toll Free Meet-Me Conference

Allows long distance callers to dial into the conference without incurring a fee. To reserve a toll free Meet-Me Conference, please complete the form below and note the following in “Details of Work”:

  • Date of conference
  • Time of conference
  • Number of participants
DMS Reservationless Meet-Me Conference

Enables conference calling at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with up to 125 participants and no time limits.To sign up for the Reservationless Conference, submit a request using the form below . In the Details of Work, request the “Reservationless Voice Conference” service.

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Computing Technology Support

Computing Technology Support


From administrative and faculty computers to digital classrooms and student labs, CTS is the best choice for comprehensive technology service. CTS provides workstation management and network support to its partners on-site and via remote assistance.

Support Services

OS Updates (OS X and Windows Only)
MS Office Application Updates (2013 or higher)
Windows Server OS security and critical updates
Print Server Configuration
OS imaging server available for images
Virus and Malware scanning (SCEP) and automated cleaning
Lifecycle replacement recommendation
Active Directory management
Network Access Control management
Remediation of discovered security vulnerabilities
Backup and migration of user data
Advanced cleaning/removal of viruses and malware
Data destruction of decommissioned computers
Setup and troubleshooting of printers
Annual IT assessment


CTS will work with your department to develop plan to transition to supported service, and then provide ongoing support for your users. CTS will provide yearly recommendations for workstation lifecycle replacements to help keep your IT inventory fresh and using current technology.


CTS provides installation services for applications and/or specialized software provided by your department. While CTS will ensure that applications are installed and maintained properly, it is the responsibility of the department to guide users on the proper usage of any application.


CTS can coordinate obtaining warranty service provided by the manufacturer to speed hardware repairs or replacements. Any fees for repairs and repair parts are the responsibility of the customer and will be coordinated with the Departmental Contact

Response Time Guidelines


ITS will respond to Urgent requests within (2) business hours. Urgent requests are those that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Multiple users are affected
  • User’s computer is not functional
  • User is unable to send or receive email
  • User has a deadline or on a time sensitive task
  • Security of one or more machines is compromised


ITS will respond to Normal requests within (4) business hours. Normal requests are those that meet one of the following criteria:

  • Request is not specified as urgent by the customer.
  • User is experiencing an application problem that does not interfere with critical function
  • User has an informational question


ITS will respond to planned requests as coordinated with the Departmental Contact. Planned requests are those that require scheduling, research, or other advance preparation. Examples might include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Computer installations
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Hardware upgrades or service
  • Physical computer relocation

How do I request support for an existing service?

If you or your department are currently supported by CTS, assistance can be requested by submitting a case via the GC Service Center by filling out the form below.

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409-944-1532 grants you access to free online training. Video tutorials are available for software, design and business topics. Want to learn how to use spreadsheets in Excel? Build a website in WordPress? Improve your public speaking skills? Unlimited access to more than 2,000 courses, including Microsoft Office, Adobe and Blackboard, provide detailed training on a wide range of personal and professional development topics for all skill levels. New courses are added weekly, and can be accessed 24/7 from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Interested in an account?  Fill out the form below to submit a request. Account

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GC Campus Wi-Fi

GC campus Wi-Fi offers convenient, widely-available, high-speed wireless network access to the Galveston College community. Three unique networks provide expansive outdoor coverage as well as indoor availability throughout the college.


This is the college’s Wi-Fi network for students. The network provides a secure connection, automatic login and greater mobility to stay connected when roaming around campus.

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Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Information Technology provides three campus computer labs that are available to the entire college. These labs are open to all GC students, faculty and staff with a valid school ID when classes are not in session. To sign in to a computer in the public lab, use your GC ID and password.

Important Lab Info

  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the lab.
  • Cell phone usage is discouraged in the lab.
  • Recovery of files from damaged flash drives is not always possible, so save frequently and backup your work to more than one storage device.

Lost and Found

Items which are left in the lab are transferred to the university Lost and Found office in Northern Building Room 102.

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Audio/Visual Equipment

Audio/Video Equipment

Audio/Video equipment is available to Course Instructors for multimedia presentations and instruction. Equipment is available to course instructors and staff who require items to help facilitate the teaching of classes on behalf of Galveston College. A/V Distribution does not handle requests for fraternal, student, or admission-required events. They do not handle parties, office socials, or personal use functions either. An outside agency should be used to fulfill these needs. Off-campus use of our electronic equipment is strictly prohibited.

Terms & Conditions

I hereby request authorization to check out and use the equipment as specified below.  I agree that the equipment is my full responsibility until returned, and that I will provide reasonable care and security, and return it in the same condition that it was received.  I understand that in accordance with Galveston College policy, faculty and staff members must receive authorization to remove College equipment from College buildings.  Any replacement costs resulting from damage or loss incurred during this period will be charged to the borrower.

Equipment Request Form

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