Anthony Sanabria

Quickstart grad finds new career in Galveston College Facilities department

After a series of discouraging, low-paying jobs with little hope for advancement, Anthony Sanabria decided to check out Galveston College’s Quickstart Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning training program in the fall of 2019. Coming from a family with no college education and no understanding of its value, Anthony was not sure this was a good path for him and had little confidence in his ability to handle the demands of college studies.

After some time in instructor Karen Alsept’s class, Anthony found he was enjoying learning, had the aptitude for HVAC, and realized that this was a good career path for him. When he completed the eight-week program and passed the Universal EPA test on his first try, he gained the confidence to enroll in the Associate of Applied Science degree program in HVAC and Refrigeration.

“No one told me how important college is and that I had the potential to succeed. Quickstart was the perfect opportunity to try out something new and see if it was a good fit,” Anthony said. “It completely changed my life.”

And now Galveston College will benefit from his aptitude, training, enthusiasm and strong work ethic as he begins his new position as a maintenance technician in the Galveston College Facilities department.

“Already having two months with us, Anthony has demonstrated his great commitment and knowledge in the complex systems that we handle in air conditioning systems and digital platforms,” said Jorge Otero, director of Facilities at Galveston College.

”Anthony has undoubtedly been a great acquisition both for his quality as a human being and for his constant desire to help and to acquire new knowledge. Now, as a full-time employee taking advantage of his already acquired knowledge in the HVAC field, he is now beginning his second associate degree in Computer and Network Administration hoping to complete it by 2023. Without a doubt, Anthony is a great addition to our department and his continued development will help our college to operate even more optimally.”

Funded with a Foundational Skills for Construction Career Pathways Grant, the Quickstart+ programs are designed to help individuals find entry-level jobs in the fast-growing HVAC and electrical industries.

In the programs, students are presented with the basics of a trade, including safety procedures, proper tool usage, regulations, codes and more. They also receive career counseling and job placement assistance.

Tuition is free for those accepted into the programs. However, students must purchase their own steel-toed boots and personal protective equipment.

An individual applying to a Quickstart+ program must

· be age 18 or older. (Proof of age is required such as driver’s license or birth certificate.)

· be a United States citizen or certified to work in the United States. (A Social Security card or original I-9 documentation is required.)

· meet United States military Selective Service registration requirements, if male. (Student must present Registration Acknowledgment Card at the time of enrollment.)

· have access to a working computer and the internet.

· have steel-toed boots and personal protective equipment (mask or face covering).

Following acceptance into the program, an applicant must meet with Pagan and bring required documents.

The next class begins Sept. 15.

For more information, please visit and contact Sharon Pagan at (409) 944-1410 or