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First Place Winner - Nursing Research Competition

Galveston College ADN program celebrates National Nurses Month with research presentations

Since the founder of modern nursing and social reformer Florence Nightingale appeared in the spotlight, nurses have been celebrated in many different ways during the month of May.

First-year Associate Degree Nursing students at Galveston College once again excelled in the annual research presentation competition during National Nurses Month.

Groups were assigned a topic that allowed for the use of material from class lectures, labs, study resources and nursing research within the last five years.

The students studied evidence-based practice in regard to nutrition and patient-centered care, and they worked in teams to enhance specific skills. This included fostering oral and written communication skills that will be used upon completion of the program and in the real world of nursing.

Those placing in the research competition and their topics included the following:

First Place Winner - Nursing Research Competition

First Place​: “Electrolytes” by Brittany Moran, Jasmin Hernandez Garcia and Priscilla Becerril.

Research Presentation - Second Place

Second Place: “DASH-ing Your Way to a Healthy Heart” by Laura Guerrero and Sarah Cano.

Nursing Research Presentation - Third Place

Third Place: “Cancer Diet” by Preston Huff, Kristina Harclerode and Cheronda Freeman.

Honorable​ Mentions:

Honorable Mention 1

“Eating Disorders” by Margaret Bishop and Megan Minesinger.

Honorable Mention 2

“Tube Feeding” by Mariah Ruiz, Mikaela Vasquez and Imerie Kelley.

Honorable Mention 3

“American Diabetes Association” by Carmen Kiosk, Kinara Gibson Nunes, Brijha Gibson Nunes and Pamela Nigh.