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Associate Degree Nursing student Carmen Kosinski

Board of Regents hears report on Nursing program involvement in Galveston County mass vaccination clinic

The Galveston College Community College District Board of Regents on March 10 heard a report from Associate Degree Nursing instructor Jeff Eubank on the Nursing program’s involvement in the Galveston County COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic at Walter Hall Park in League City.

Eubank said Nursing students are receiving required clinical experience at the vaccination hub, which is inoculating up to 3,000 individuals a day using mostly volunteer labor.

The Galveston County Office of Emergency Management, Office of Galveston County Judge Mark Henry, the Galveston County Health District and the University of Texas Medical Branch have partnered to coordinate the effort.

“Our students love it,” Eubank said. “They are receiving a lot of great experience working with the patients and the professionals from UTMB the health district and other organizations. It’s been a wonderful opportunity.”

Eubank said the Galveston County vaccination effort is outpacing efforts in many other regions in the state. The waiting list for COVID-19 vaccinations in Galveston County is now open to all people, regardless of their age or health status.

Dr. Myles Shelton, Galveston College president, expressed appreciation to UTMB, the health district and the county for their efforts to provide vaccinations in Galveston County and to provide educators with access to vaccines.

“We appreciate UTMB including our faculty and staff along with teachers and others who work in our local schools,” Dr. Shelton said. “We just have to get more people vaccinated now.”

In other business, regents heard a student success report from Carmen Allen, director of institutional effectiveness and research, on the Ruffalo Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI).

Galveston College periodically administers the SSI and uses the results to target areas most in need of improvement to retain students and help them be successful. The data collected are analyzed in terms of strengths and challenges that can be used for action planning, 12 composite scales that provide an overview of what matters most to the college’s students, and more than 70 individual items that provide insight on specific student experiences.

The fall 2020 survey administration revealed that Galveston College students’ satisfaction levels on composite scales have increased over time; recent scores exceed 2015 scores on each scale by anywhere from 4 percent to 12 percent.

“While the college is on par with national peers for scores on individual items, there were discrepancies between what our students expect and their levels of satisfaction in some areas,” Allen said. “However, in spite of those discrepancies, Galveston College students indicated a slightly greater likelihood of re-enrollment if they had to do it all over again compared to the previous administration of the survey in 2017 – a pattern that aligns with recent research suggesting the substantial impact of COVID-19 on the student experience in 2020 and beyond.”

In board action, the regents accepted the board nominating committee’s decision not to recommend a candidate to fill the unexpired term of Regent Carl Kelly, who died unexpectedly July 31. There will be an election for position 8 in May 2022.

In other board action, the regents:

  • accepted the retirement of Hubert D. Callahan, Radiation Therapy program director, effective Aug. 20.
  • approved student housing room and board fees for 2021-2022, including $1,500 per semester room fees for the Abe and Annie Seibel Foundation Student Residences, Whitecaps Apartments and a house at 3815 Ave. Q1/2; $1,350 per semester room fees for houses and garage apartments at 2223 41st St. and 3802 Ave. R.; and $1,812 per semester for the board fee, which includes 14 meals and snacks.
  • approved six changes to academic course fees for 2021-2022, including new course fees for professional assessment and/or preparation in Surgical Technology, Radiography and Nuclear Medicine Technology.
  • accepted a U.S. Department of Education Higher Education Emergency Education Relief Fund Minority Serving Institutions grant award in the amount of $147,790 for the budget period of June 1, 2020, to May 31, 2021.
  • approved a proposal from American Mechanical Services (AMS) to retrofit the air handler unit in the Mary Moody Northen Center central plant. Cost is $145,080.64.
  • approved a proposal to purchase portable programmable logic controller training equipment and installation services from Technical Laboratory Systems for the Electrical/Electronics Technology program. Cost is $56,485.
  • accepted an audit services engagement letter from Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC.
  • heard a Student Government Association update from Benjamin Shelton, vice president.
  • accepted the fiscal year 2020-2021 second-quarter investment report.
  • reviewed the monthly financial reports presented by Jeff Engbrock, chief financial officer/comptroller.


Above: Associate Degree Nursing student Carmen Kosinski administers a COVID-19 vaccine at the Galveston County mass vaccination clinic at Walter Hall Park in League City. Jeff Eubank, Nursing instructor, recently visited with the Galveston Community College District Board of Regents about how students in the Nursing program are gaining valuable clinical experience this spring as volunteers at the vaccination hub.

Board of Regents receives 7 letters of interest for Position 8

The Galveston Community College District Board of Regents nominating committee has received seven letters of interest and resumes to fill Position 8, the unexpired term of Regent Carl Kelly who died unexpectedly July 31.

Those submitting letters of interest and resumes include the following:

Amedia “Amy” Carmen Bly
Mary Hutchings Cooper
Torrina Harris
Keith W. McFatridge, Jr.
Dr. James Lester Murray
Carolyn L. Sunseri
M. Theron Waddell, Jr.

Nominating committee members include Board of Regents Vice Chair Fred D. Raschke, chair, past Board of Regents Chair Raymond Lewis, Jr. and Regent Mary R. Longoria.

Following a review of the letters of interest on Feb. 17, the nominating committee will select a small group of candidates for interviews on Feb. 24 and further consideration by the full board. It is anticipated that a decision will be made at the March 10 board meeting.

Walk on the Beach in Galveston

Galveston College Board of Regents hears report on student success

The Galveston Community College District Board of Regents on Aug. 12 heard an update on student and graduate success data that will appear in the 2020 Texas Higher Education Almanac.

While the final almanac has not yet been released, some of the almanac data is currently available on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Accountability System website.

Graduate success is measured as employment and/or enrollment in higher education in the fall semester following graduation. Both Galveston College academic and technical graduates exceed the state average in terms of graduate success, with 95.2 percent of academic graduates and 93.2 percent of technical graduates being deemed successful. Moreover, the college’s academic graduate success rate is higher than that of all local peer community colleges.

Between fall 2014 and fall 2019, Galveston College’s enrollment increased by 12.6 percent from 2,048 to 2,306. This outpaces statewide enrollment growth of 8 percent over the same period.

In fall 2019, 31.7 percent of Galveston College students were enrolled on a full-time basis, compared to 23.1 percent statewide. Likewise, 30.6 percent of Galveston College students were in a technical program; statewide that figure was 23.2 percent. Notably, Galveston College had the second-highest proportion of full-time students among local peer institutions.

Galveston College’s fall 2019 six-year graduation rate for first-time, full-time students was 48.6 percent, exceeding the state average by 9.5 percentage points.

On average, Galveston College students take longer than their statewide peers to complete an associate degree – 4.3 years compared to 3.9. Similarly, students graduate from Galveston College having attempted an average of 88 semester credit hours; the state average is 81.

In FY2019, 55.9 percent of Galveston College degrees were awarded to African American and Hispanic students. The college outperforms local peers and the state average on this measure.

Nearly one in four (23.8 percent) of the college’s fall 2013 first-time students transferred to a four-year institution within six years. While slightly below the state average, Galveston College’s performance on this measure is the second-best among local peers.

Un-expired Term of Regent Carl Kelly
Out of respect for Galveston College Regent Carl Kelly, who died on July 31, the board voted to wait until May 2021 to appoint a successor to fill the unexpired term.

Board Chair Karen Flowers said she plans to establish a nominating committee after the first of the year to accept nominations and to review and recommend a candidate to fill the unexpired term for position 8, which will run through May 2022.

Other Action
In other business, board members:

• approved revisions to the college’s Employees Standards of Conduct, including new sections on ethical standards, violations, electronic media, safety requirements, tobacco and e-cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, and arrests, indictments, convictions and other adjudications.
• approved revisions to the board’s Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation: Sex and Sexual Violence and Student Discipline and Penalties policies.
• accepted U.S. Department of Education Title V grant award funding for year three of the “Pathway Model for Improved Teaching, Advising and Transfer at a Hispanic-Serving Community College” initiative in the amount of $549,995.
• accepted the resignation of Mary Pyle, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Academy program director, and the retirement of Patricia A. Perry, instructor in the Associate Degree Nursing program.
• approved salary schedules, adjunct faculty and overload pay schedules, and part-time classification and compensation schedule, effective Sept. 1.
• approved an annual contract for heating, ventilation and air conditioning service and repair with AMS of Houston of Stafford, Texas, as the primary vendor and Gowan, Inc. of Houston as the secondary vendor, effective Sept. 1.
• approved a $32,756.66 information technology purchase to convert two classrooms into video streaming studios.
• renewed workers’ compensation coverage through the Texas Association of School Boards at a cost of $15,742, effective Sept. 1
• renewed unemployment compensation coverage through the Texas Association of School Boards at a cost of $32,500.
• approved the utilization of the following investment firms: Gilford Securities, Inc., Landenburg Thalmann & Company, LOGIC (Local Government Investment Cooperative), Lone Star Investment Pool, TexPool, TexTERM and Vanguard (Mutual Funds).
• adopted a resolution designating Galveston County Tax Assessor/Collector as the officer to calculate tax rate information required under Texas tax code.
• approved board meeting dates for 2020-2021.

Regent Armin Cantini

Galveston College Regent Armin Cantini elected to Community College Association of Texas Trustees Board of Directors

Armin Cantini was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Community College Association of Texas Trustees (CCATT) at its annual conference in Austin, Texas.

CCATT is a premier source of community college trustee development that provides professional education programs and governance training through regional meetings, webinars and an annual conference. The organization focuses on delivering the latest information and research on exemplary community college practices and programs.

Regent Cantini currently serves as a member of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Community College Leadership Council. He is also a past chair of the Galveston Community College District Board of Regents where he is now serving a second six-year term.

He was a founding member of the Galveston College Foundation and its Universal Access Community Endowment almost two decades ago. In addition, Regent Cantini and his wife Gail have been ardent supporters of the Galveston College Nursing program and have endowed the Lynn Levin Cantini Nursing Assistance Fund.

In his remarks at the CCATT annual conference, Regent Cantini said he has followed the progression of the organization and is proud that working in concert with the Texas Association of Community Colleges, the Texas Community College Teachers Association, the Association of Community College Trustees and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board everyone has come together to speak with one voice regarding community college issues in Austin and in Washington.

Galveston Community College District Board of Regents revises polling locations for run-off election

The Galveston Community College District Board of Regents on Tuesday, May 29, approved revisions to the polling locations for the June 16 run-off election to fill the unexpired term for board position 7.

The revisions were made because of the cancellation of the runoff election for Galveston County Drainage District No. 2.

Run-off candidates for position 7 on the Galveston Community College District Board of Regents include Marie Robb and Rebecca Trout Unbehagen.

Early voting will take place June 4-8 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and June 11-12 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the following locations:

Galveston County Justice Center (Second Floor Conference Room), 600 59th Street, Galveston, Texas
Galveston County Courthouse (Second Floor Mezzanine), 722 Moody, Galveston, Texas
Moody Methodist Church, 2803 53rd Street, Galveston, Texas

The following locations will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day, June 16:

  • Joe Faggard Community Center, 1750 Highway 87, Crystal Beach, Texas
  • Galveston County Courthouse (Second Floor Mezzanine), 722 Moody, Galveston, Texas
  • A. Morgan Elementary School, 1410 37th Street, Galveston, Texas
  • Moody Methodist Church, 2803 53rd Street, Galveston, Texas
  • Seaside Baptist Church, 16534 Termini San Luis Pass Road, Jamaica Beach, Texas

Qualified voters may vote at any of these locations during early voting and on Election Day.

Applications for ballots by mail must be received no later than the close of business on June 5 and may be sent to Ballots by Mail, c/o Dwight D. Sullivan, Galveston County Clerk, P.O. Box 17253, Galveston, TX  77552-7253 or emailed to absenteeballotapplications@co.galveston.tx.us.