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Galveston College Whitecaps mascot has new name

The Galveston College Student Government Association put out a call to name the college mascot, and Whitecaps fans rose to the occasion!

After two weeks of voting in December, the Whitecaps mascot finally has a name: Rip!

A rip is described as a body of water made rough by the meeting of opposing tides, currents or winds. That sounds like a pretty good description of Galveston College’s Rip!

Here’s how the votes were cast for the finalists:

Jetty – 14 percent
Poseidon – 12 percent
Rip – 37 percent
Rush – 5 percent
Surge – 31 percent

Four individuals submitted the name Rip, so there will be a Facebook live drawing for the grand prize when the Student Government Association officers return on Jan. 18.

Thanks to everyone who submitted names and voted in the contest.