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10-Minute Play Festival

The festival will present staged readings of six original 10-minute plays written by Galveston College students and local theatre artists.

“We hope you will join us for the premiere of these playwrights’ new works,” said Liz Lacy, program coordinator for the Performing Arts at Galveston College.

Plays include “An Epiphany in the Park” by Alyssa Gudz, “Encounter” by Adi Teodoru, “Her” by Destiny Shute, “The Man Who Fished at the Lake” by Alyssa Gudz, “Welcome to Lydell” by Zack Varela and “The Mystery Play” by the Galveston College writing club, SPARK.

Company members include Galveston College students Antonio Alpentzou, Eva Arita, Marie J. Daban, Kayla DeJesus, Alyssa Gudz, Tyler Hanna, Gabriella Hosler, Jade Killebrew, Dane Nguyen, Melina Moore, Devon Profitt, Eric Scales, Destiny Shute and Niki Smith.

10-Minute Play Festival