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Jeri Kinnear

Galveston College Foundation board chair looks back on 7 years of service

After seven years with the Galveston College Foundation, Jeri Kinnear will leave her position as chair of the board of directors at the end of August. A strong proponent of education, Kinnear is an experienced and committed community leader. She serves on numerous nonprofit boards and is a founding member of the Galveston Sustainable Communities Alliance and a founding member of the Moody Early Childhood Center.

As her board term ends, she reflects on her time with Galveston College Foundation.

“I am very grateful to Jan Coggeshall who more than seven years ago told me she wanted me to serve on the Galveston College Foundation board. At that time, I didn’t understand how important the Foundation was for many of Galveston’s graduating classes, but I soon found out. I will be forever grateful for her advice, trust and friendship.

“Galveston College Foundation is an important and serious institution providing life-changing opportunities to the graduating classes of Galveston for the education they want to pursue without the financial barriers that plague so many others.

“During my time on the board, we have contracted with a professional nonprofit accounting firm to provide monthly financial reports. We hired an excellent nonprofit auditing firm to provide essential yearly reports. We established firm investment parameters for our financial advisors, and we established a set of bylaws that are indicative of what we are and what we do. Under our previous development director, we secured enough capital to provide for the tuition of all Universal Access eligible students, and enough funds to assist with their additional expenses. And, we assisted the college in hiring a new highly qualified executive director for the development office.

“The future of Galveston College is exciting. There is a Facilities Master Plan in place presently focusing on nursing and health sciences. Soon a new instructional building will be seen on campus with more to follow. The Foundation is there to support those new nursing and health sciences students.

“I am proud of what all of us who have served on the board have accomplished over the past seven years. It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Myles Shelton and the staff of Galveston College, especially Gloria Milton and Brett Benson. I leave the board with a heavy heart but knowing that this board and future boards will make a difference by continuing to ‘open doors and change lives.'”

The Galveston College Foundation welcomes its returning and new board members at its August 2021 meeting.

“Jeri is involved with many nonprofit organizations looking to make our community better,” said incoming chair, Keith McFatridge. “It has been a pleasure to work with her and experience her commitment to education and Galveston College students. I am sure she will continue her tireless work for the island and its younger generation.”