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Test security is an important issue for both instructors and students at Galveston College. Instructors expect that only authorized students are taken their tests and that they are doing so in a monitored environment that eliminates the opportunity for cheating. Students deserve a “level playing field,” on which no one has an unfair advantage. In order to ensure the integrity of the testing process at Galveston College, the following regulations will be strictly enforced by Testing Center personnel:

  • All students must sign in and show a photo ID.
  • Only authorized test materials are permitted in test taker’s possession. Backpacks, purses, etc., are not permitted in the testing room. Items may be placed in storage areas located in the Testing Center. Secure storage is provided for purses, etc.
  • NO CELL PHONES, WATCHES, OR PAGERS or any other electronic devices are allowed in the testing room!
  • No test will begin later than one hour prior to the Testing Center posted closing time.
  • No food, drinks or gum are allowed in the Testing Center.
  • No children are allowed in the Testing Center or Library area unattended
  • Tests must be completed in one sitting.
  • Completed tests must be returned to the proctor. No test materials or scratch paper may be taken out of the Testing Center.
  • Restroom breaks are not possible once the examinee has received his/her exam.
  • No hats, sun glasses, visors, doo rags, scarfs, or other headwear may be worn in the testing room unless for religious purpose.
  • No jackets, sweaters, hoodies or coats are allowed in testing room. Please dress accordingly.

Violation of these regulations may result in termination of your test and notification of the violation to both your instructor and the Vice President of Student Services. Inappropriate behavior will result in administration intervention and possible disciplinary action.