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Galveston College Testing Center
Testing Center Contact Information
Name Kara Fahringer-Baer
Title Assessment Coordinator
Room Testing Center
Program Area Library
Phone 409-944-1290
Email gctesting@gc.edu
Fax 409-944-1285

In accordance with the procedures of our test providers and in order to ensure the integrity of the testing process at Galveston College, the following regulations will be strictly enforced by Testing Center personnel:

  • Valid, current, photo ID required for all testing.
  • Only authorized materials are permitted in the testing rooms.
  • Backpacks, purses, and other personal items not permitted in the testing rooms must be placed in secure storage provided in the Testing Center.
  • Jackets, sweaters, hoodies, and coats are not allowed; please dress accordingly.
  • Headwear is not permitted except for religious purposes.
  • Medical electronic devices are permitted in the test rooms, all other electronic devices must be stored.
  • Food, drinks, candy and gum are not permitted.
  • Children are not permitted in the Testing Center and may not be left unattended in the library.
  • Talking or communicating in any manner within the testing rooms is not allowed.
  • Completed exams and all exam materials must be returned to the proctor.

Violation of these regulations may result in both termination of your exam and further disciplinary action.

TSI Assessment

The TSIA measures your abilities in mathematics, reading and writing and is an indicator of how prepared you are to handle college-level courses.  The results of the TSIA in conjunction with your academic background, interests, and goals are used to pace you into appropriate courses.


Steps for taking the TSIA:

  1. Complete mandatory preassessment activity. Visit TSI PREVIEW to complete this requirement prior to coming to take your test. You will not be allowed to take the TSIA until you complete this activity.
  2. Visit counseling and information desk to pick-up a TSI Request Form signed by a counselor.
  3. Pay testing fees to the Business Office M-222
    Complete test- $29.00

Per section- $10.00

  1. Bring completed TSI Request Form, receipt, and photo ID to the Testing Center R-117 (inside LRC)

All students, including minors, will be required to show valid, current, photo ID.

*Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Exemptions and Waivers*

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Exemptions and Waivers

ACT – a composite score of 23 with:

a minimum of 19 on math for an exemption in math and/or

a minimum of 19 on English for an exemption in reading and writing


SAT (taken after 3/5/2016)

a minimum of 480 on evidence-based reading & writing (EBRW) for an exemption in reading and writing

a minimum of 530 on math for an exemption in math


SAT (taken before 3/5/2016) – a combined critical reading and math score of 1070 with:

a minimum of 500 on math for an exemption in math and/or

a minimum of 500 on critical reading for an exemption in reading and writing
NOTE: Mixing or combining scores from the SAT administered prior to March 5, 2016 and the SAT administered on or after March 5, 2016 is not allowable.


STAAR end-of-course assessment

STAAR end-of-course (EOC) English III with a minimum Level 2 score of 4000 shall be reading and writing exempt and/or STAAR EOC Algebra II minimum Level 2 score of 4000 shall be math exempt



a minimum score of 2200 in math shall be exempt in math and/or

a minimum score of 2200 in English Language Arts, with essay score of 3 shall be exempt in reading and writing.


Degree Exempt – Students who have an associate or bachelor degree from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution or from a college recognized international institution are exempt from all TSI requirements.


Transfer Exempt/Passed – A student who has previously attended any institution and has been determined to have met readiness standards by that institution.

Private/Out-of-State Transfer Exempt

Veteran Exempt – those honorably discharged, retired or released from active duty in the armed forces after August 1, 1990 may be exempt.

Military Waiver – Students on active duty in the armed forces, the Texas National Guard, or any reserve component of the armed forces and have been serving for at least 3 years preceding may be exempt.

TSIA Schedule

The TSIA is administered on a walk in bases during all Testing Center hours of operation.


Fall and Spring Hours (except holidays)

Monday – Thursday 8:00am-9:00pm*

Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm* 

Saturday 8:00am – Noon*

*entry stops one hour before closing


Summer Hours

Monday – Thursday 7:30am9:00pm*

*entry stops one hour before closing


The ATI TEAS test is comprised of 170 questions set up in a multiple-choice format with four-option answers. Questions are designed to test the basic academic skills you will need to perform in class in the areas of: Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage.

and Language Usage
No. of Questions
Time Limit (mins)
Specific Content Covered
Key ideas and details.  Craft and structure. Integration of knowledge & ideas.
Numbers and algebra.  Measurement and data.
Human anatomy & physiology.  Life and physical sciences.  Scientific reasoning.
Conventions of standard English.  Knowledge of language.  Vocabulary acquisition.

Steps to taking TEAS:

  1. Create an account
  2. Register to take TEAS, select Galveston College as your Testing Center.
  3. Reporting to the Testing Center with your valid, current photo ID* and your ATI log-in information on the date/time of your test.

Photo ID: To be admitted to your testing session, you will need to present proper photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or green card. You will not be admitted to the test if your ID does not meet the following requirements: unexpired government-issued, current photograph, and examinee signature. A credit card photo or student ID does not meet these criteria.

All Testing Center Policies (linked to policy page) will apply.



TEAS Exam Scores:

Upon completion of the online version of the TEAS test, your test will be scored immediately, allowing you to view your TEAS score report at that time. In addition, the report identifies specific topic areas you missed along with information on where you can review the content.  You can access your ATI TEAS Score Report at any time through your ATI Account under My Results.

GC Classes Makeup & Online Exams

Make-up test services are offered to assist Galveston College students and instructors with additional exam times.  The instructor must complete the Test Administration Form. 

The Testing Center offers make-up tests by appointment during all hours of operation.


Fall and Spring Hours (except holidays)

Monday – Thursday 8:00am-9:00pm*

Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm* 

Saturday 8:00am – Noon*

*entry stops one hour before closing


Summer Hours

Monday – Thursday 7:30am9:00pm*

*entry stops one hour before closing

CLEP – credit by exam

CLEP (the College-Level Examination Program®) With a passing score on one CLEP exam, you could earn three or more college credits at more than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities.  CLEP was created to help individuals with prior knowledge in a college course subject save time and money.


How do I know if CLEP is right for me?

Ask yourself the following questions to figure out if taking a CLEP exam is right for you:

Does my college or university accept the CLEP exam subject I’m interested in taking?

Does the CLEP exam I’m interested in taking fulfill a degree requirement?

Have I already gained knowledge in a CLEP exam subject through a previous course, independent reading or study?

Am I looking for ways to reduce my college tuition bill?

Do I need to earn my degree in a shorter amount of time?


CLEP exams accepted at Galveston College

As an official CLEP Testing Center Galveston College administers all CLEP exams.  Exams listed below are accepted for credit at Galveston College according to the Admissions office policy.

 CLEP exams accepted at Galveston College

Appointment and Payment Process

Step 1: $87 CLEP fee, register and pay for a CLEP exam.  This payment is separate from the proctor fee(s).  You will be required to bring your printed CLEP Ticket with you on exam day.

Step 2: CLEP Exams are given by appointment.  SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT

Step 3: Test Day! $15.00 proctor fee (non-transferable/non-refundable) due to Galveston College Business Office M-222.

Report to the Testing Center at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time; bring your CLEP Ticket, valid Photo ID, and receipt.  CLEP examinees will need to abide by all Test Center Policies (linked to policies).

CLEP Resources

CLEP Exam Registration tutorial

CLEP Exam Day Information

CLEP Student ID Form (minors without a government-issued ID)

CLEP Free Online Courses

Score Reports and Transcripts

Upon Completion of the exam, an instant unofficial score will be provided by the exam administrator.  The official score report will go to the pre-designated address within three weeks.

CLEP Transcripts can be ordered

Galveston College cannot provide CLEP transcripts.

TCEQ – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

TCEQ – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Galveston College administers all TCEQ Computer Based Tests.  Before scheduling an appointment, please be sure your exam is offered at computer-based testing locations

You must be approved by TCEQ before registering for this exam; contact TCEQ for approval inquiries: 512‐239‐1000


TCEQ exams are administered by appointment only during all hours of operation.  Examinees can request their test date/time by emailing the testing center.

Monday ‐ Saturday (Spring and Fall Semester) 8:00AM6:00PM

Monday – Thursday (May thru August) 8:00AM6:00PM


Day of the Test

Examinees need to report to the testing site at least 15 minutes prior to their appointment time.

Bring your TCEQ approval letter, current Texas driver’s license, and receipt for payment of the $50.00 non‐refundable, non‐transferable proctoring fee payable at Galveston College Business Office M-222


All exams are in English only.

All Testing Center Policies (linked to policy page) will apply.


Correspondence Testing

As a courtesy to the community, we proctor correspondence tests from other colleges and universities whenever possible.  There is a $25.00 proctoring fee for correspondence testing.  Correspondence examinees will be required to show valid current photo ID.  Correspondence exams are administered by appointment only.  Requests for proctoring services can be made by emailing the Testing Center.  It is the responsibility of the examinee to contact their college/university to arrange for exams to be sent directly to the Testing Center.


TSI Remote: For students that need to take the TSI for another Texas college or university, you can test at Galveston College Testing Center.  You must contact the Testing Center at the institution that you will be attending to setup the remote voucher.  There is a proctoring charge of $10 per voucher.  You will need photo identification on test day along with the remote voucher.  The remote voucher must be created in order to make an appointment.  Request a remote voucher TSI appointment at Galveston College by emailing the Testing Center

Special Accommodations Exams

Special Accommodations exams are offered to assist Galveston College students and instructors with exam times for students who have received prior approval with the Special Services Office.  Students must have an approval letter on file with the Testing Center from the Special Services Office in which the services required are outlined for Testing Center.


Testing Center

Other Proctoring Services by Request

For additional information about a specific test, please call (409) 944-1290.

The Galveston College Testing and Assessment Center is located in the Learning Resource Center on the first floor of Regents Hall room R117. The Testing Center offers test proctoring services for CastleWorld Wide, Correspondence, CLEP, CE Programs, Distance Learning, GED, NHA, TCEQ, and Pearson Vue tests; these exams require an appointment or pre-registration. TSI, Make-up Exams, and Special Accommodation exams are available on a walk-in basis with proper approval.