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Online. On campus. Or both.

Face to Face

Courses which are taught strictly in a face-to-face format on the campus.

Hybrid - Asynchronus

Courses which combine face-to-face lectures on campus with other assignments to be completed online.

Hybrid - Synchronus

Courses with Zoom virtual lectures scheduled at a specified time, combined with additional assignments or lab work to be completed on-campus.

Internet - Asynchronus

Courses taught online without specified meeting times for lecture.

Internet - Synchronus

Courses taught online with scheduled lecture times each week via Zoom or another format.

Your College. Your Way.
Face to Face Classes are available


(Face-to-Face Instruction)*

Is traditional on-campus instruction right for you? Enroll in F2F classes with small class sizes that allow for interaction with instructors and students, as well as appropriate social distancing.

* All F2F classes will be prepared to move online completely in the event that health and safety concerns make it necessary.

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Face to Face and zoom Classes available

F2F and Zoom

(Face-to-Face and Videoconference)

Do you enjoy interacting in class, but need the flexibility of off-campus instruction? This learning option allows small groups of students in each class to attend in person while portions of the class are taught on a schedule via Zoom videoconference.

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Hybrid - Synchronus
Online anytime

Online Anytime

(Traditional Online Instruction)

Do you like to learn at your own pace, on your own time? In this traditional online instruction option, you’ll take your classes online, at any time, and work on your coursework on your own schedule without coming to campus.

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Internet - Asynchronus
Online ontime zoom classes available

Online on Time

(Online and Videoconference)

Do you like a routine, but need the flexibility of online classes? With this option, your coursework will be completed online, but your lectures and instruction will be taught via Zoom videoconference at specific times on specific days, just like a face-to-face class.

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Internet - Synchronus
F2F Face to Face and Online

F2F and Online

Do you enjoy attending classes on campus, but like the flexibility of completing some of your coursework online? In this option, you will have a combination of face-to-face and traditional online instruction.

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Hybrid - Asynchronus
Mix things up


Do you like to try new things?

 Mix and match the learning options
to find out what you like best.

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