Practice makes perfect. That is how Galveston College Cosmetology Program Director Sandra Villarreal helped her students not only pass the Cosmetology Operator written exam with flying colors, but pass the Texas State Board Practical with time to spare.


“I’m very proud of our students for their hard work and commitment to the program and their chosen career,” said Villarreal. “Galveston College’s Cosmetology program has very challenging goals and our students met them head on. We helped them every step of the way and provided them everything they needed to be well prepared to take their written and practical exams. We practiced, practiced, practiced, and then we practiced some more. The result of all the preparation is they all achieved their state licensure.”


The Cosmetology program students passed their written exam in late July and later traveled to Houston to take their state boards.


“Mrs. Villarreal provided us with several study packets which covered three semesters worth of courses, as well as thousands of practice questions to study and review,” said Galveston College Cosmetology student, Molly Leach. “She also staged mock practical exams where we were also critiqued to simulate the state’s practical exam. With this type of preparation, I walked into the state board exam fully prepared.”


Prior to their exams, Villarreal’s students also completed a nearly 150-hour apprenticeship in an approved salon.


“Having their apprenticeship hours, as well as their State Board License in hand, places Galveston College Cosmetology program students in an advantageous position as they begin their job search,” said Villarreal. “They all excelled in the program and I’m proud of their accomplishment.”


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