Galveston College Financial Aid

Financial Aid Forms

The following are forms that may be required by Galveston College's Financial Aid Office as part of your application for federal, state or local financial aid.

To see a full list of required documents for a student:

Log into your Whitecaps Portal
Click on "myGC"
Click on "Required Documents"

To view many of these forms, you will need to enter your GC Username and the password. 

On this page you will find forms needed as part of your Financial Aid application process.

To see a full list of required documents for a student:

Log into your Whitecaps Portal
Click on "myGC"
Click on "Required Documents"

To view many of these forms, you will need to enter your GC Username and the password after clicking the link or Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader™. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader installed, you may download for free at Adobe.

Galveston College has partnered with NextGen Web Solutions to provide GC with a tool for creating digital forms on campus. Their product, Dynamic Forms, is a cloud-based forms system that provides a simple, effective way for end users to create web-based forms for data collection and electronic signatures. The following instructions will help you use the Dynamic Forms service to securely complete and electronically sign financial aid, registrar, residential housing, and college forms. After you submit the forms, the designated office has access to review your completed form. 

Financial aid forms will automatically be submitted to Galveston College Financial Aid Office once completed and all electronic signatures have been successfully provided.

Brief Overview of Dynamic Forms


To help protect your information, the Dynamic Forms application will time out after a period of inactivity. When possible, it is recommended that you cut and paste into the form instead of composing directly into the dynamic form.

Uploading required documentation

If you are required to submit documentation with your form, you will be able to upload your document when you complete your form. Remember to include your student ID number on anything you submit.

Electronic signature

This form will be automatically submitted to the respective Galveston College department when you electronically sign the form after completion. 

Parent information and signatures

If your form requires parental information or signatures, you will be asked to supply a parent email address before you can access the form. Your parent will be sent a link to complete the parent section of the form. The parent will need to create a user ID and password. After the parent electronically signs the form it will be sent electronically to Galveston College for processing.

Parent Income Information (To be filled out by the parent)

Parent log-in and password

You need to set up a log-in and password the first time you access Dynamic Forms. Remember your log-in and password because you will be able to use this log-in to access other forms that are located in this secure web environment.

The first time you log in, you will be required to make a number of profile changes:

  • Username – the user must select a username:
  • At least eight characters in length
  • Must begin with a letter
  • Must contain at least one digit
  • Password – the user must select a new password:
    • Lower case letters
    • Upper case letters
    • Numbers
    • Alphanumeric characters or symbols
  • Must be at least eight characters in length
  • Cannot contain the username
  • Must contain characters from three of the four following groups:
  • Security question & answer – the user must choose a security question and provide an answer to that question.

Rejected Forms/ Returned for Revision

If the Office of Student Financial Assistance determines a submitted dynamic form is unacceptable or incomplete, it will be returned for revision. A revision email will be sent to the appropriate dynamic form participant. The student or parent participant must take action on a rejected form, based on the information provided in the revision email. The form must be electronically signed again by all form participants. 

Opting out of electronic signature

You always have to option to opt out of electronic signature. You can print the form, complete it, sign and submit it along with any required documentation to the Galveston College Financial Aid Office.

It is highly recommended that students complete the required Financial Aid Forms though their myGC portal. 

To view forms that have been completed or are pending completion students should use the Dynamic Forms Dashboard.

Students will use their GC User ID and  password to access the Dynamic Forms Dashboard. Parents should login to Dynamic Forms at, using their Dynamic Forms username and password they created.


Students do not have to remember another username and password. Students will use their GC Username and password to log into Dynamic Forms.  Student accounts are automatically created when their Galveston College Username is activated.


Pending /Draft Forms: After logging into the Dynamic Forms Dashboard, click on “Pending / Draft Forms” button. The first box listed represents forms the student has outstanding in an incomplete or draft status. The second box represents incomplete or draft documents for a parent or co-signer to complete.

Forms History: After logging into the Dynamic Forms Dashboard, click on the “Forms History” link. A new page will appear listing all completed documents for that account, sorted by date with the most recently completed at the top. Students will be able to also view the completed form by clicking on the link provided.

I submitted my form though Dynamic Forms but I do not see it updated as received in myGC Required Documents.

The Dynamic Form Submission does not automatically update your my GC Required Documents. After your form is submitted and reviewed by the Financial Aid Office, your myGC Required Documents will be updated. This generally takes 1-3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). If Required Document has not been updated, please contact us at [email protected] or 409-944-1235. 

How do I know if my parent has completed their portion of a Dynamic Form?

After logging into your Dynamic Forms Dashboard using your GC User ID and password, and click on the “Pending Forms” link. The first box listed represents forms the student has outstanding to complete. The second box represents documents needing to be completed by a parent.

I misspelled my parent's name or email address on a form, how can I fix this?

The parent’s name and the parent’s email address are the only items that can be adjusted within a submitted form, before processing. Students should login to the Dynamic Forms Student Dashboard using their GC Username and password, select Pending/ Draft Forms then click on Action, then Manage Co-signers next to the form that needs the co-signer/parent information updated. Here you will be able to edit the parent’s name and/or email address. You may also re-send the email.

My form was rejected/returned for revision, what do I do now?

Submitted dynamic forms that are incomplete or missing information (tax documentation or signature on tax documents) will be rejected/returned for revision by the Financial Aid Office and a “form rejected” email will be sent. The student or parent must take action on the rejected/returned for revision form.

The rejected/returned for revision form email outlines the next steps that must be taken by the student or parent. The rejected/returned for revision form will need to be electronically signed again by each user (student and/or parent if applicable).

Dynamic Forms and/or supporting documents cannot be submitted as email attachments or faxed.

Why do I have to provide my parent(s) contact information?

Parental information is required for dependent students. Your parent(s) will receive an email with directions that will allow them to complete and electronically sign their part of the dependent form. They will need to create a username and password to complete the form.

I completed a form but it is not listed in my forms history. Why?

If you do not complete a form in its entirety (through the signature stage) it will not be included in forms history, it will be found within the “pending Forms” section of the Dynamic Forms Dashboard. One way to verify you have completed the form is to look for the automated email after a form is successfully completed.