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The Career Pathways Model at Galveston College is an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success based on intentionally designed, clear, coherent, and structured educational experiences that guide each student effectively and efficiently from point of entry through to attainment of high-quality postsecondary credentials and careers. 
Through Career Pathways students are helped from the start at Galveston College to explore academic and career options, choose a program of study, and develop a plan based on the program maps. These plans simplify student decision-making, and they enable Galveston College to provide frequent feedback and targeted support to help students stay on their career pathway and complete their program of study leading to successful career opportunities or transfer.
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  • Clarify pathways for students
  • Help students get on a guided path
  • Help students stay on a guided path
  • Ensure students are learning

In order to:

  • Increase retention (course completion and fall to fall retention)
  • Improve course success
  • Increase completion rates of a recognized credential
  • Increase successful transfer to 4-year institutions 

Initiative #1 – Redesign General Education Courses

  • Redesign courses to infuse active learning strategies proven to increase success.
  • Equip new flexible-design, technology-rich classrooms
  • Renovate and equip collaborative learning space in GC’s library to facilitate active learning.

Initiative #2 – Develop a New Comprehensive Pathways Advising System.

  • Renovate key student services spaces and update IT capacity
  • Introduce a new advising software system to faculty, staff members and students
  • Develop pathway-specific transfer agreements with regional four-year institutions


Sandra Metoyer, Ph.D. Director

Sandra Metoyer, Ph.D.


Title V Pathways Project

Galveston College

[email protected]


Dr. Sandra Metoyer is the Director of the Title V Pathways Project at Galveston College. She has her Ph.D. in Geography from the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M University. Her interests include STEM education, community college education, program evaluation, education research, and Guided Pathways. In her role as Director for the Title V Pathways project, Dr. Metoyer is responsible for facilitating the development, implementation, and evaluation of a Guided Pathways model at Galveston College. The Guided Pathways model, fully implemented, will improve student success at Galveston College through increased retention, academic and program success, completion, and transfer.