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Welcome to the Computer Science Department at Galveston College. Here, you'll find valuable resources for students enrolled in computer science courses, whether as majors or individuals looking to enhance their computer skills through required or elective classes.

Computer Science, a vital component of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), holds relevance across various fields. In today's society, computer scientists play a crucial role in managing information across all sectors.



Our mission is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of the computer science principles and technology through quality instruction.

Computer Science is one of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) areas that has applications in all fields. In the modern world, computer scientists are essential to every segment of society in the management of information. See the most recent degrees and programs for specific degree requirements and course descriptions. Additionally, online course options are available for local and distance learning students.

If you are not majoring in computer science, you may be interested in taking Introduction to Computing (COSC 1301) as a basic computer literacy course to improve your computer skills and increase your knowledge of the newest technology. These skills will certainly help you to be more successful in your other coursework and future career. Many College degree plans suggest students take COSC 1301 Introduction to Computing to meet the computer literacy requirements.

Many computer science employment opportunities require advanced degrees. This transfer curriculum is designed for students who plan to pursue a degree in Computer Science at a four-year college or university after completing their studies at Galveston College. *

Upon successful completion of the prescribed courses, the student will be eligible to graduate from Galveston College with an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science.

Please visit, click on Current Catalog (use keyword: “computer science”) to find your Full-Time or Part-Time Path:

Degree Audit Program Code: AS-COMPSCI

Total Semester Credit Hours: 60

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Computer Programmer

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist

  • Software Developer

  • Database Administrator

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