Student Success Advisors

Welcome to Galveston College's Student Success Advisors Page! Our dedicated team is here to guide you through class schedules, explore degree programs, and assist with your educational goals. Use our easy appointment system to schedule personalized sessions with your advisor. Scroll through our degree programs and categories to find the advisor specialized in your field of study. Your success is our priority!

Pre-Associate Degree Nursing, Pre-Vocational Nursing, Pre-Allied Health, Bachelor of Applied Science in Healthcare Management, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

[email protected] or 409-944-1224

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Business Admin, General Studies (AS), Education, Psychology (AS&AA)

[email protected] or 409-944-1222

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Art, Drama/Theatre, English, General Studies (AA), Health and Physical Education, History, Political Science/Government, Sociology, Speech Communication

[email protected] or 409-944-1228

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Med Administration, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Electrical & Electronics Technology, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC), Welding, Logistics, Instrumentation

[email protected] or 409-944-1410

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Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Health Science, Computer & Network System

[email protected] or 409-944-1429

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Police Academy

[email protected] or 409-944-1263

Contact BBS directly:
409-944-1296 or [email protected] 

Priselda Perez
[email protected] or 409-944-1253

Gabriela Zepeda
[email protected] or 409-944-1254

Computerized Tomography Rayssa Salinas [email protected] 409-944-1270
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Jamie Retiz [email protected]  409-944-1494
Emergency Medical Services Jeffrey McDonald [email protected] 409-944-1481
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Hong Mai [email protected] 409-944-1497
Nursing A.D.N - A.A.S Year 1 Mary Ana Thomas [email protected] 409-944-1377
Nursing A.D.N - A.A.S Year 2 Anastasia Silvas [email protected] 409-944-1386
Nursing V.N- C2 Angie Hoermann [email protected] 409-944-1377
Nuclear Medicine Technology Courtney Cross [email protected] 409-944-1491
Radiation Therapy Sandra Hayden [email protected] 409-944-1492
Radiography Daniel Fink [email protected] 409-944-1444
Surgical Technology Melisa Tremont  [email protected] 409-944-1445