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Counseling and Advising

Welcome to Galveston College's Counseling and Advising Department!
Galveston College provides counseling services to students including general career and academic counseling, job placement, testing, personal counseling and services for the disabled and other populations. The Counseling Center is located on the first floor, east wing of Moody Hall.

How can we help you? Please feel free to contact the counseling center with any questions you may have, or drop by the center during office hours. Student Success Advisors are available to see students by appointment.

  • General career
  • Academic counseling
  • Job placement
  • Testing
  • Personal counseling
  • Services for the disabled and other populations

The Student Handbook and Planner is intended to provide information about policies and procedures and to be a useful tool for your academic success. The Galveston College catalog is the primary source for information about the academic policies and regulations that govern students’ academic life. As a student of Galveston College you are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies and regulations set forth in the college catalog.

Sharing resources makes better communities.

Galveston College is a comprehensive community college committed to the true student success experience, in college or out of college.

Galveston County Resource Guide

Family Resource Center

Mental Health, Victim Services, Parent Education

Justice Forward

Breaking the cycle of incarceration by funding essential programs.

Galveston County Community Foodbank


Gulf Coast Center

Mental Health, Substance Abuse


NAMI - Gulf Coast

Mental Health


United Way

Food and Housing Assistance


Coastal Health and Wellness

 Medical Care, Mental Health

409-938-2234 (Galveston)

281-309-0255 (Texas City)

Greater Coastal Community Action Council

Rent & Utilities Assistance


Resource and Crisis Center Hotline

Shelter, Legal Advocacy, Counseling, Resource Distribution



St. Vincent's

$25 Medical Visits, Dental, Medication Assistance, Food Assistance


Balancing parenting and attending school poses a significant challenge, both roles demand a substantial time commitment and can feel overwhelming. Many parents pursuing a college education find themselves navigating a complex web of responsibilities, including parenting, academic pursuits, employment, and family obligations.

Despite the difficulties, it's encouraging to note that numerous parents successfully graduate from college each year, equipped with the necessary resources to enhance their children's lives. Achieving this often involves adhering to 7 valuable tips designed for parents in college.

The resource list below is designed to help you find the tools you need to succeed:






Need more support? Your liason officer is Deon Botha.

  • Seminars
  • Groups
  • Workshops throughout the academic year on a variety of topics related to student success
  • Short-term academic/personal issues confidential counseling by licensed counselors
  • Career counseling available for students to explore career options and choices
  • Assistance for students struggling with special needs by the special services counselor