Face-to-Face Tutoring

Career Readiness and Student Success Center reopens with face-to-face tutoring

The Galveston College Career Readiness and Student Success Center has reopened and is offering face-to-face tutoring services.

NetTutor is also available for online students to access 24 hours a day.

Students, faculty and staff are asked to be mindful of the following sanitation and safety precautions observed in the center:

• All students who enter the center must be wearing a wristband signifying they have completed a Galveston College COVID-19 screening.
• In an effort to ensure social distancing, the center has condensed itself to 12 study stations with eight of those being computer stations.
• No more than three tutors will be on duty at a given time.
• Each tutor can only tutor one student at a time. (There are two stations that can accommodate a group of two students.)
• Students will be tutored in 60-minute sessions, if there is no wait, a student can restart a new 60 minutes.
• All stations will be sanitized after every use.

For hours and more information, click here.