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Name Facilities
Room N-105
Program Area Campus Facilities
Phone 409-944-1361
Email [email protected]


  If something in your building needs attention, please contact Linda Jenko  at (409) 944-1363 or submit a SERVICE REQUEST to [email protected].
Ext 363


The College has implemented guidelines concerning the distribution of keys and access cards to ensure security to buildings, offices, storage closets, and supplies.

A “New User Request” form must be completed and approved by the supervisor and the Vice President for Administration.

Keys and access cards assigned to employees remain the property of Galveston College, and cannot be duplicated or loaned to anyone. Any attempt to have keys and/or access cards duplicated by any other source is a violation of the employment agreement with the College and will result in disciplinary action, to include a letter of reprimand and may result in termination.

Broken or hard to operate keys and/or access cards should be returned to and verified by the Key Control Manager as inoperable before replacements are issued. Any reassignment of office space or entry to secure storage areas will be coordinated through the appropriate approval process and the Key Control Manager, located in the Physical Plant.

Lost or stolen keys and/or access cards should be immediately reported to the Director of the Physical Plant or the Vice President for Facilities so that proper steps may be taken to maintain security. Employees are responsible for the keys and access cards issued to them and will be charged $25.00 for each lost or stolen key and/or access card. In the case of employment termination, all keys and access cards must be returned to the Key Control Manager during the exit process and prior to the issuance of a final paycheck. The College will deduct $25.00 from the employee’s final paycheck for every key and/or access card issued to the employee that is not returned at termination of employment during the exit procedure. By accepting Galveston College issued key(s) and access cards the employee is agreeing to the Key Control Procedure and to any associated payroll deductions.

Hours Maintenance staff hours are 7:00 am till 4:00 pm Monday – Friday
How to contact us Emergencies after normal working hours, call (409) 944-1361 and report the emergency to the Security Staff.
How to find us Facilities and Security is located in rooms N-101 thru N-106