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Many students need financial assistance and depend on scholarships to assist them with tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Scholarships offer aid to students who may not qualify for the Galveston College Universal Access scholarship. They may not be recent high school graduates or they may not be able to attend college on a full-time basis because of work, family, or other commitments.

Universal Access

Since 2001, the Universal Access Community Endowment Scholarship supported almost 2 ,000 students. These students were not eligible for federal or state funding– oftentimes because their income exceeded eligibility limits, yet they still needed financial assistance to complete their studies and graduate. Since late fall 2014, Galveston College Foundation raised significant sums for the Universal Access Community Endowment and individual scholarships. Thanks to consistent generosity from the Galveston community, area foundations, and businesses, the Universal Access Community Endowment upgraded tuition support annually.


Galveston College Scholarships

Galveston College is committed to providing scholarship opportunities to deserving students by seeking funds from individuals, businesses, organizations, and college resources. The criteria for eligibility and the award amount for these scholarships has been developed in cooperation with each scholarship sponsor.



Outside Scholarships

There are other resources available for students that are not offered at the federal or state level. Below are links to outside entities that are available to search for additional awards and scholarships.


Whitecaps Emergency Fund

The purpose of the “Emergency Fund” is to provide monetary relief to students for unexpected circumstances that may significantly interfere with their ability to attend college. Applications to apply for the Galveston College Whitecaps Emergency can be completed with an online application.




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