Your Whitecaps Email

As a student, you will receive Galveston College announcements and notifications through your email account. Your student email account is the primary and official means of communication between Galveston College and students.  Your @Whitecaps account also gives you access to an online version of Microsoft Office, with 50GB of storage for email and 100GB for OneDrive, at no additional fee to you. 

If this is your first time logging into the Whitecaps Portal, your username will be either your email address (ex. [email protected] or your student ID (ex. [email protected]).   

Your password should have been emailed to you separately with instructions on how to enroll in the school’s password reset utility. It is highly recommended that you enroll in this utility so that you can change your password whenever you need to or reset your password safely if you forget it.   

If you have logged into the Whitecaps Portal before, enter either your email address or student ID and your current password. 
Note for added security: Multi-Factor Authentication technology has been deployed to ensure your account is accessed only by you. Please visit the following guide for details: GC MFA User Guide. 

Login to Outlook 365 email

How to Access Your Whitecaps Email

After logging into the Whitecaps Portal, under Online Resources, click the “@whitecaps Email & Office 365” link as shown below:

step 1

A login window for Office 365 will appear. Under “Sign in” please type your Office 365 email address, which should be your [email protected]  

step 2

Click “Next” and if the following screen appears select “Work or school account"

step 2-2

At the password screen, enter the same password used to login to the Whitecaps Portal.

step 3

Click “Sign in” to login to Office 365. 

From here you should see all the available apps in Office 365, most notably “Outlook” for email:

step 4

Once done checking your messages, please don’t forget to logout, which is the icon at the top right of the screen (below is a close-up):  

step 5

For security reasons, please be sure to close all remaining open browsers. 

If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact the IT Service Desk at 409-944-1352 during normal business hours or via email at [email protected]
If it is after hours, we’ll contact you as soon as we’re back in the office!


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